truth and love

I’ve noticed that sometimes I care so much about the truth, I forget about love, and when people say something untruthful (like for example if they believe something that’s not the Catholic teaching), I get impatient with them. Other times, I focus more on love, but without truth it becomes mere “tolerance” and relativism.

In reality though, truth and love should go together…

how do we keep a balance? how do we hold on to the truth we have but not become judgemental of others? is humility the key; remembering that we don’t deserve to know the truth, and focusing more on God and neighbour than on ourselves?

what do you think?

Truth and love are almost synonymous, I think. Love is a subset of truth.

And “love” isn’t necessarily happiness and rainbows, right? Sometimes, one has to express tough love (like parent + child).

Don’t become judgmental. Become persuasive.

“Humility” is not saying that we don’t deserve to know the truth. I believe that we deserve to know at least something. Otherwise, we couldn’t posit anything about God or hold Him to his word. Also, we couldn’t make any meaningful statements. Humility is a matter of acknowledging when you have a grasp of the truth and when you don’t.

And what does it mean to focus on God and neighbor yet not on self? Does it mean you never pay attention to your own needs? I would disagree, for you may have to serve yourself occasionally so you’ll be able to serve others better.

Just some food for thought.:slight_smile:

good points :slight_smile:

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