Truth in Advertising

I notice as I toot around Greenville how the local Protestant churches are shifting away from honest self description. It used to be that they put out a sign stating just exactly who they were so you knew what you were getting when you went church shopping.

Not anymore. Now the church buildings are indistinguishable from a retail shopping strip or a warehouse or a movie theater. The names are totally misleading. What if you went looking for a church with one of these ‘creative’ names? It could be a church. It could be something else.

Sure, I get a good laugh sometimes at the awkward or creative names you see on some of these churches. But who really cares? You know these churches are likely Apostolic or Evangelical in nature. If you are looking for “main line” Protestant or Catholic; you know to go elsewhere.

Is it fair game now to complain about seemingly every town having a St. Mary’s Catholic church? Or it being hard to tell right away if St. XXXX is Catholic or possibly Protestant? What’s the point here?

The “Mega Church” we have in our little hamlet looks like a concert arena…and come to think about it, that’s what it is. It sucks up the young membership of local mainline Protestant churches with lots of music, lots of music, and lots of music. I think they have a preacher who gives a short sermon from the Bible. Kind of like a commercial interruption and then it’s back to…lots of music.
Sarcastically written with tongue firmly in cheek. :smiley:

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