Truth Project

Has anyone heard of this?

A couple of friends are running a class and invited me to attend. I would most likely be the only Catholic attending.

Okay, so I’m replying to my own post :shrug:

One of the speakers on the DVD’s is a Catholic priest (

I’m guessing my wife and I will attend. It’s a twelve week small group discussion.

If anyone has any experience with this project, let me know what you think about it!

My wife and I attended the course. We enjoyed it and
learn more about cultural trends and ignorance.

The teacher is a teaching elder in the PCA, so at times
you can see his calvinistic leanings. But it is not too much
and I think he does a good and balanced job of talking about
the lack of a biblical worldview among Christians.

In our group were Anglicans, Baptist and Catholics. The discusses
afterwards were very rewarding, hearing the various perspectives.

Note, not only does it have a Catholic priest, but some non-believers
who question liberal and humanistic trends evident in culture today.
The best one is the math professor from Paris. His mixing of
math and evolution is very interesting. Enough said…do not
want to spoil it.

Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project’s statement of faith is the same as that for our entire ministry, which is as follows:

Focus on the Family Statement of Faith

We believe the Bible to be the inspired, only infallible, authoritative Word of God;


I got a kick out of this. The bible is the only infallible, authoritative Word of God? Is there another Word of God out there competing with it :confused: They may want to reword this. Or do they mean to only exclude Mormons?

Anyways, I am betting this was a misprint and what it is really trying to say is that the Bible alone is the infallible rule of faith on Christian beliefs. As a Catholic, this does not square with your beliefs (I hope not) and would discern very carefully.

God bless

I have occasionally thought of changing my location listing to add the words missionary to deepest darkest Colorado Springs. Focus on the family is a group that needs to be taken with a grain or even a shaker full of salt. They are Nazarene based not catholic. They exist to sell books and tapes and conferences at their campus here which is huge. i have a friend that calls their campus the Protestant Vatican because it is so large.
One friend of mine that works there is a baptist minster who became a messianic rabbi. They scheduled a MANDITORY worker’s appreciation dinner for yom kippur, a Jewish fast day of great solemnity which they refused to allow him to miss so that he could be with and minster to his messianic jewish congregation. At the dinner they served him ham and lobster which he couldn’t eat anyway.:eek:
i have another friend who was fired by them and left with no benefits incuding any help because she went through post traumatic stress syndrome after seeing her daughter brutally raped and murdered and being able to do nothing about it. She ended up on the streets but, has finally gotten SSI Thank God.
Os Guiness is a protestant philosopher who uses philosophy as a sounding board to move the hearer towards protestant fundamentalism. He begins with repudiating Aquinas and goes on to “prove” that all the commentary on Aquinas that is all philosophical schools from descartes on to logical positiveism are heresies and the one truth is the Bible as protestantism understands it (sola scriptura).

Jabronie, this is Tito

I joined a men’s group because 5 friends of mine were in it and doing The Truth Project. I am a non-catholic christian by the way. It is a 12 lesson-weekly presentations, and a roman catholic priest is part of it. Absolutely non-denominational. It is how all institutions have been made in the image of God: Man, culture, Church, Marriage-Family, Government etc. I thought it was excellent. We were a total of 13 guys in our group, and finished it 1 month ago. I still am considering buying the DVD series, for it is that good. Produced by Focus on the Family, Dr. Dell Tackett.

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