This topic is about Truth. Truth has many different definitions, in many different contexts, to many different people. What does it mean exactly when Catholics talk about “truth”? What kind of truth is in “seeking the truth”?

There’s philosophical truth, which we can know by reason alone, and divine truth, which we can only know because God reveals it to us. Much of what we know about God is philosophical truth, but everything that we know about God’s will is divine truth.

Catholics believe that God communicates divine truth through the teaching authority of the Catholic Church, and this comprises the doctrine of the Church. Because it is divine truth, it may never be in error and it may never change, although it may grow and develop into a more complete understanding.

FWIW, divine truths are sometimes called “mysteries,” though not with the usual English understanding of the word. We think of a mystery as something we don’t know, but the Church uses the word to describe things that God has told us about. This can be confusing to some English speakers.

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, "I am…the truth, …;

Truth is the accurate representation of reality.

Jesus Christ said He was the Truth. By that He meant He was the most accurate representative or presentator of what life or one’s reality actually is. To be like Him is to be most in touch with reality, and to be most in touch with what we truly are.

But it’s not always a painless experience.


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What does it mean exactly when Catholics talk about “truth”? What kind of truth is in “seeking the truth”?

In Catholicism, the truth means the reality about mankind, about God – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, His Kingdom, on earth and in heaven and the means to attain everlasting life with Him which He has made possible through the crucifixion and death of God the Son and the establishment of His Church founded on St Peter as His Supreme Vicar and the other Apostles to teach infallibly in faith and morals, rule and sanctify.

That truth is known through Her in Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium.

Nita is 100% correct.

Jesus is truth. To seek truth is to seek Jesus.


And Pilate asked him, “What is truth?” [John 18:38] Pilate did not recognize truth when it was standing before him.

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