My Protestant friend thinks that she can find a part of the truth in various different churches. Could you please recommend an article that explains how the Catholic Church contains the whole Truth and that is why she should choose the Catholic Church? Thanks.


Lead her to this the Catholic Answers website. Plenty of fantastic answers there!


I tried to give a detailed explanation of how the Catholic Church is the only Church in chrisendom that holds to all of the beliefs taught about the Church in Scirpture and held by the Apostles and the early Church. It is in posts 37 through 60 in the thread linked below. Maybe it might help.

Outside of that, though, the Catholic Church does teach that there is some truth in all religions. The Catholic Church is the only Church whose faith is entirely true because all of what has been revealed to us has been entrusted to her.


I don’t know the age of your friend, but the pamphlet Pilar of Fire Pilar of Truth is a Catholic Answers pamphlet that is good for a teenager. Check out their internet version of the booklet at


Why is she willing to settle for just part of the “truth?” That’s like wanting a piece of cake and someone gives you two cups of flour and an egg.

I certainly wouldn’t want just a part when I could have the whole shebang!

There are lots of great Catholic Apologetic type books. I’d suggest she read one. I would not recomend this website unless she’s already thinking very seriously about the Catholic Church. I think there are too many heated discussions about tricky topics (Mary, Saints, Catholic John Kerry) and she could get evern more confused and turned off. I’d start out with a simple apologetic type book and an invite to mass.
Good luck & God Bless.


I agree with what Carol Marie wrote—good advice. I would also ask her this: since most of the churches that she might go to weren’t around for most of the two thousand years following Christ’s life on earth, were the early Christians, those who actually had the Apostles with them, less fortunate and further away from truth than a person today, who would need a great deal of time (and a reliable car) to travel to find all those forms of “truth”? If she misses a particular denomination (say, there’s no church of a particular denomination in her state), does it then follow that her truth is incomplete? If she wants the whole truth, shouldn’t she be on the road in a constant and never-ending search to gather up all of the pieces of truth that she would need? What if some pieces of “truth” contradict other pieces—can it still be truth? Whew…searching for truth that way sounds exhausting (and expensive, given the cost of gas). Thank heavens (literally) I don’t have to do that anymore.

Another thing to point out: going about Truth the way she suggests almost guarantees that she will tailor her faith to fit her preferences. But truth isn’t like that, and when religion becomes a relativistic, do-your-own-thing, feel good thing, instead of what it ought to be (one’s assent to objective truth), then religion loses it’s ability to challenge us—she will construct her own religion.


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