Try to help me in convincing my friend



Before saying actual prayer intension, I wish to say about the situation and person.I have one friend and her parents are inter religious (Catholic and Hindu). She went to temple and church. She believes that,

  1. Worshiping on temple is not against Jesus. In Bible never says about this.

  2. Jesus is not God. His father is God.

I am poor in English, so whenever I talk this, she won with her words. But I know Jesus is the only God and father, holy spirit are all same… I tried to explain first commandment of Jesus but failed.

Can you people help me in leading her to right path and convince her? She believes in Jesus but also believes in Hindu God.

You can tell your suggestions here and I will send this link to her… I can only do this and pray for her to understand the words of Jesus.

I think that, I explained the situation … I am sorry for the bad English.

Thank You Team.


I can’t say it will do the trick but it may help if she goes to my website and clicks on the link to the page called - inherit eternal life.
It would be very good for her to read about our Lady’s appearances at Fatima and what happened there and up until now. Reading about Fatima had the most profound influence on my life. I got faith from the bible but next to that the biggest influence in my life was reading about Fatima. I was really struck by grace when I read this I’m fairly sure. It may help her too. It would be very good for her to come and chat with people here also. I’ll pray for her. God bless you:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply. I will send your site link to her.

I expects more replies that make her to believe in Christ.


Ask her if she accepts that Jesus and the Father are one…Jesus himself tells us this in the Bible. Then, ask her if when she is at the temple whether she is worshipping Jesus or not. If she says no, then tell her she is worshipping false gods and is in the practice of idolatry.


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