Trying NFP again After Contraception

I really hope that I have come onto the right place to put this. In a little less htan half a year, my husband and I will have been married 10 years and have known each other over 20. He is a wonderful guy. I had tried some NFP (Billings) and we wound up getting pregnant even after following the rules. Part of this I was told was due to a “secondary ovulation”. NFP has come a long ways since then and I’m taking a course using the couple to couple league which uses 3 different predictors. I have been on the pill since that last pregnancy scare-and I have been on it because except for that small time with NFP I was on it and have medical reasons to be on it. Eventually, I’m hoping that our doctor will say o.k. again to trying. My husband isn’t really on board with NFP and didn’t want to come to the first calss (which I’m glad he didn’t becuase the other man that was there didn’t pay attention at all and was off doing his thing most of the time). Any ideas (yes I"m praying) of how to get him to come around to NFP and at least giving it a try while my body is letting me? I admit, I love hearing all these stories about how much closer people got after switching to NFP - personally, I’m just hoping to get off more drugs than I have to be on. I realize I may have to go back on some hormones (pill) but I want to give this a try as long as I can and am praying if it’s God’s will it will work (I’m also going to be using a fertility monitor so there are NO mistakes). I want to get my husband interested, I’m just not sure how.
God Bless

Props to you for working towards getting off the pill, that stuff’s no good for you.

I am a husband in a marriage that is using NFP to avoid, previously used contraception. I can’t think of any ways that you might get your husband to cozy up to NFP unless he’s a Catholic. If he is Catholic, remind him that contracepting is grave matter.

NFP has not improved my marriage. It is sold as a relationship-aid in certain literature. I doubt that it brings many couples any closer if their reklationship was a good one to begin with. It’s often reported that helping out with NFP will result in a husband who better understands, has greater admiration for, and better communication with his spouse. My wife and I communicate quite well and the only noteworthy things I’ve noticed about NFP in my life are negative. For me it’s a cross. Given the free choice (without threat of eternal damnation) I’d opt to sterilize myself rather than use NFP to avoid.

Good for you for trying again! I think you will be happy with CCL’s Sympto-Thermal Method. I’ve read the Billings book and it was a little too simplistic for me. Also, I don’t trust my mucus observations so it is nice to have the confirmation of the thermal shift so I know for sure that ovulation occurred.

I am sorry to hear of your NFP troubles, Micahmike. For us, NFP has been a blessing. However, we abstained until we got married (I was a virgin) and I have never used contraception. So we were used to the abstinence. It’s also nice that my DH loves me even when we’re not having sex. So during Phase II and he’s being nice to me I know there’s no motive behind it. :wink:

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