...trying SO hard not to be annoyed


My DD made her First Holy Communion the Sunday after Easter Sunday. Ok, this was something we all looked forward to. Now, the only picture that I had my heart set on was the one of her actually recieving Communion. We could not take our own pictures (which dh and I enderstood and were fine with), but they had an official photographer that would. The day arrives and I had filled out my form to give to the photographer and told her that the ONLY shot I wanted was of her at the actual moment of her recieving. Well , the photographer tried to talk me into this and that, this picture souviener with the name of the church, teacher, ect. I explained to her SEVERAL times that dd was homeschooled and the CCD teacher (who is a total sweetheart) was not dd teacher, I was and I didn’t really want the “souviener” that had a teacher on it that did not teach dd. She kept trying to sell me the group pic ( I told her NO again, that this was not dd class, she was just joining them so she would not have to make it by herself…) When I told her AGAIN that the only one I wanted her to take was dd recieving her response was “well there a a few that are taking pics on the alter after mass, posing on the kneeler…” No thank you, I WANT ONE OF HER RECIEVING…“well she is the only one having that pic taken”…NO! I want a pic of her recieving–that is it!! Well, FHC Mass goes beautifully, after Mass, I and other family members take some pics of dd. The Communion class took one also, which dd was included. Anyway, fast forward to last Sunday, the photog was back to deliver the pics. I went to get them from her and she hands me a packet with a GROUP picture and two bookmarks with dd picture on them (she had phtoshopped her out of the group pic) with the Church’s name, date, Priest, and name of the TEACHER and under dd pic she had MY NAME-----not dd!!!:eek: She then goes on to tell me that she had to send off her disk from her camera to be “recovered”:confused: because dd pic was the only one that did NOT come out!!:frowning: She told me that she would send more bookmarks with the right name and would let me know if they were able to recover dd pic. I called her this morning and she told me that dd pic COULD NOT be recoverd and told me that she would come back and take dd pic on the alter…I am sooooooooo disappointed, I really had my heart set on that one pic…I guess I should not be annoyed, cause we do have pics of her special day and in the grand scheme of things that could be wrong I guess not having the exact pic I wanted really isnt up there. We are so blessed as it is that I feel crummy for being upset…:shrug: I guess I needed to vent, thanks for listening…


Go ahead and vent. But just so you know, at our parish even the official photographer does not take pictures of them receiving. Sometimes you can get pictures of a staged shot (with un consecrated host) if the priest is willing, but often not.

Just cherish the fact that your child can now recieve the Lord and let the pictures go.


oh that is annoying…how disappointing…ok, offer it up…there is probably a photographer or two in purgatory who could use the help…lololol…


No, I can understand exactly how you feel. I was feeling disappointed yesterday when I realized I have no newborn-in-the-hospital photos of my DD naked (she had temperature problems when she was born so all her hospital photos are of her wrapped up head to toe). What helped me was to think that a hundred years ago I would be lucky to have even one photo of DD as a baby in the hospital at all, and I have hundreds and hundreds of baby photos that my ancestors could only dream about. I don’t know if that will help you feel a little less sad about it–I hope so!

I think the photographer should give you the photos for free :mad:


just think about the missionaries in Turkey and how the people out there are not even able to follow their faith… we are so lucky out here… whats a picture? :frowning:


That really sticks. I’d be super annoyed, too. Do you have a chapel? My dress her all up and take her pic in the chapel in front of the tabernacle, or even in the sanctuary if that’s allowed. It’s not quite the same, but maybe still a decent substitute.


…I know. I feel like such a weiner (lol) for fussin’! DD was soooo very beautiful that day as she recieved our Lord that I want to hang on to every precious second of that day…On the brighter side, EVERY SUNDAY I get to see her recieve our Lord!! :extrahappy: So take that Miss Photographer smarty pants!!! i think I was annoyed cause she kept poopooing my request of dd pic taken during Recieving…:shrug: …Thanks for the support guys (and gals!! lol)


:smiley: :thumbsup:


If I were you, I’d forget about pictures and pretty dress and stuff ASAP, before your daughter thinks that being pretty at first communion and other things actually matter. They do not. They never did. Don’t let her know that you care, she’d get a bad example. Just be happy and rejoice (as you are already doing) that now she can receive the Lord every Sunday! This is the point, this is inestimably more important than photographs!

Don’t give in to vanity and ire. Rejoice in seeing your daughter receive the Eucharist every Sunday!

Oh, and congratulations on the big day!


cheer up you would not get any of this in our parish. No photos, videotape allowed during Mass. Only exception is the parish chosen each week for taping the 5pm Mass shown Sunday for shut-ins. Father graciously poses for pix after Mass (which annoys those who say the rosary after Mass no end, by the way), and blesses their religious articles and gifts. We have a photographer come in the day of the retreat for posed photos, reasonable prices and quality, but entirely the families own choice, no hard sell. We used to have the photographer for every 1st comm. Mass but people were arriving late to Mass because they were still posing for photos so I put a stop to that. Also, now photo prices are lower because they only come once not, several weeks in a row.


Not a single picture of Sophie’s baptism turned out. Our camera broke that weekend and by the time Father’s day rolled around and I bought a new one, she had also outgrown her baptismal gown–so, I couldn’t even fake it unless I chose to go buy another gown and re-create it, which seemed sort of wrong. So, we don’t have any pictures of her, video of her, nothing, being baptized into the Church. Funnily enough, I comforted myself the same way CatholicSam suggested…by reminding myself that many years ago, I’d be lucky to have even one photograph of her entire childhood, much less all the captured moments I have of other things. It’s hard, though. I was just looking at her baptismal gown the other day and feeling sorry for myself about it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Amen. If I were in charge there would be NO (get that?) EN-absolutely-OH photos taken during the Mass if it involved a photographer running around near the altar.


My friend from Louisiana, I understand your issue. But as other posters mentioned, and even way up here in the frozen tundra of Baton Rouge, the diocese wants to emphasize the mystery and holiness of the event and no pictures of receiving are actually allowed.

That way the communicant and family can focus totally on the receipt of the sacrament rather than a pose for mom and dad. Can you imagine - ooopss can I do it again Father - my eyes were closed?

Celebrate the sacrament and joy in the heart - that’s the true treasure. And if you get a few pretty dress pictures and bookmarks - it’s all lagniappe as we say. God bless.


I really feel better about it now. I really appriciate all the input. I knew all these things in my heart, but my micromanaging particular mind had other ideas. I have a few very good pics from after Mass with dd with family members and Father~I am so blessed! That most precious memory of her recieving our Lord for the first time will be a treasure in my memory forever! I wish I knew how to post pics online, but I dont think I have the right equipment!!:rolleyes:


I don’t even recieve Communion but I feel its really disrespectful to take a picture of someone who’s having an intimate moment with the Lord.


… understand me carefully—DH, DD and myself respect and love our Lord more than words can express. That being said, i find your post extremely disrespectful of my family. Yes, I thought it was important (at the time) to have a picture of my precious child recieving the Lord for the first time…I found your post very ugly and judgemental and if you felt the need to express that in that manner, you might have been better off keeping the post to yourself…Even though a variety of opinions were posted, they were respectful and for someone who does not even partake in recieving our Lord, you were out of line posting that. Dont be judgemental…I just wanted others opinions in a respectful fashion…


…now I am really annoyed…it seems there is always someone on this forum that will be condesending and judgemental to a post…Come on people, this is supposed to be a Catholic forum!


I didn’t say what I did to be judgmental or that you’re not a good Catholic.

And you have no right to say I’m out of line. You have no idea why i don’t recieve, so you have no right to judge me.

I do not think its right. I think modern technology has impeded on the sacredness of Mass.




That’s so hard :frowning: On her 1 year baptism anniversary you could dress her up in a pretty dress and get someone to take a photo of the three of you in your church (possibly even get the priest/deacon who baptized her to pose with you and give her a blessing). It wouldn’t be the same, but at least it would be something to put in her baby book–“One year of being in God’s family!”

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