Trying to bring a brother into the faith

I have a friend recently start asking me a lot about the catholic faith and wants to start coming to church with me which is really nice

How can I help him come into the church? Should I ask the priest deacon ect ? I think I can safely assume he is at least baptized in a church
He is African American so I’m making a assumption that he has some kind of christian up bringing

He also tells me he been reading online about the black Hebrew movement and he is telling me that he some what believes in that
I explained to him they have no basis in scripture and church history and that the catholic church was founded by Christ himself
How else can I explain this to him ? Too many people believe what ever they read especially the youth when it comes to ideology based on nothing more then ethnic pride ?

Last question he asked me what is God’s name ? I respond by saying he doesn’t has an actual name
But told him that his name is Lord or Yahweh in the ancient Hebrew which means the eternal one self existing creator
How can I better explain and counter act these name movements ?

Thank you all in advance for you answers and Lord willing I can bring this brother to the one holy catholic and apostolic faith :smiley:

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give him guidance & direction to the Church.

Bring him with you and get him in touch with your priest or faith formation director so he can get into RCIA. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

You might encourage him to sit in on the RCIA classes. You could go with him. There he will get the broadest coverage of topics and questions he may have. He can consider whether or not he wants to convert later. No pressure.
I would also introduce him to the Pastor who might have some other resources for him, and persons who could be a “prayer partner/catechist” for him.

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