Trying to find a Priest with background in Demonology/Exorcism


This is a bit of an odd request, but maybe someone here can help me. I’m trying to find a priest with experience in demonology or exorcism. I have a bit of a problem on my hands, and I need an expert opinion. It should be a Catholic priest (a real one, in Communion with the Pope).

If you happen to be such a priest or if you know of one, or if you can at least point me in the direction of where to find one, please send me a private message.

I posted this on other parts of CAF too; I hope that’s okay. I’m not trying to spam the Forums, and I wanted to be sure that this message would be seen.



Hi there, sorry to hear about your problem.

Every diocese has a trained exorcist on its’ books. Try calling up your local cathedral, they should be able to help. Or talk to your own parish priest first.

You may find these people useful, deliverance from demonic forces is sometimes a matter that falls short of full-scale exorcism.

One word of warning, DO NOT get too heavily involved in studying demonology yourself, you won’t help anyone, but will just get scared and will give the devil a way in to your life. Trust God, turn to Him who is stronger than the one who is in the world. Keep going to Mass and Confession, and talk to your priest before you take the advice of an anonymous person on a web forum.


Consult a Jesuit.
They have special training in this area.


what type of exorcism are you looking to find info on? does it have to do with a person? or a place?


I forgot to make it clear in my original post, I don’t need an exorcism; I’m just trying to get an expert opinion on something. Sorry - stupid me for not putting that.


ive studied this topic quite a bit. If i cannot answer your ques. maybe i can point you in the right direction. but what exactly are you looking for?


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