Trying to find a song...Lord of Light

Hi all,

Does anyone know the song Lord of light? (at least I think that is what it is called!)

Lyrics go something like this...

Lord of Light,
I am your Child...

(That's all I know!)

Trying to find music and sheet music for it online but having no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

I can try get more lyrics if needed (Actually searching for my girlfriend as she has been trying to find it online for a while)

Are you talking about This song?

If that's the song you're wanting, I found through Catholic it was included in a write up on "Bad Poetry, Bad Theology"

I figured you'd want to know what they're talking about so I included the article here

Use at your own risk :D;)

Hey thanks for the reply,

that's not it though :(

I found out more lyrics. It goes like this;

Lord of Light, I am your Child,
I believe in you,
Lord of mercy abide with me,
Cleanse my heart with your love....

Not sure what more there is. All I know is that it might be in the key of D?!

I agree with that article. I much prefer the old majestic hymns to all this “drivel” we hear today in so-called worship songs.

This may be it.


Hmmm no I don’t think so :frowning:

The lyrics I posted are the opening lyrics to the hymn. I defiantly found chords on the internet for the song before, I just cant find them again…

Thanks for the effort and trying to help :slight_smile:

Found it!


I have sheet music for "Lord of Light". I could scan it and e-mail it to you, if you wish.

Hi, I would love the sheet music of Lord of Light please

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