Trying to find free Bible software that includes Catholic resources


I had thought that at one time there were a bunch of Catholic resources that were free through e-Sword, but now I cannot find them anymore.

I know that Logos is way too expensive for me. I have the Glo Bible, but it does not include Catholic versions of the Bible, plus no commentaries.

It has to be free, that is my only stipulation as I cannot afford any pay software.

  • I realize that there may not be free software that has Catholic commentaries.


I use this from time to time. It uses the Douay Rheims but no commentary. It does have various Catechisms (excluding the current one).


I use Xiphos which is a free electronic Bible system mainly because it works with Linux.
I stopped using windows products alltogether they were driving me nuts. At their site it states they have a windoze version.

Does not have ALL the Catholic Bibles but quite a few of them. It has lots of resources, commentaries, maps even photos.
You can find it here:

Good luck


Thanks. I tried Linux and found that playing my Windows based games on it was too much of a hassle. So I went back to Windows and it works very well for me overall.


Seems maybe I found the wrong version of the Douay-Rheims because it doesn’t have the seven extra books over a protestant version of the Bible.

Couldn’t find a Catholic commentary either.


I use Laudate and iBreviary


I have Laudate, but no commentaries there. Will check iBreviary.


Spend a few bucks and make an investment in Verbum…expensive, but worth every penny.


Verbum is not expensive if you just buy what you need. The verbum app is free and comes with douay and haydock commentary. You can down load the bible but not the commentary but any bible you want is 10 or less. Collegeville commentary is 59. These will miror on a desktop also with the logos 5.


It has the Fr. Haydock commentary. If yours is not showing, then you can contact me through the website to address the issue :slight_smile:

In any case, I am porting my desktop application to the web (see my signature) so everyone can access it regardless of platform. Being one person, I don’t really have the time to maintain two products, and the windows platform has an uncertain future.

BTW - You can’t really go wrong with purchasing Verbum, so you might want to check that out too.


I don’t know if YouVersion has a Windows vesion or not, but it contains several Catholic translations.


True enough! Just after amassing a Verbum library of around 1275 volumes I still don’t have all I need!


Kinda confused. Is the free Verbum app actually the Logos app?

edit: While I would still like the answer to the above question, I am unable to download the free app since my phone is incompatible.


No brainer. Biblia Clerus @
Free hyperlinked NAB, RSV, Magesterial documents, Classic writings of Saints,
and the 1997 catechism all hyperlinked! Phenom.:thumbsup:

From the www. ictuswin site and Fr. Bouchez who wrote the program, since 1992.
Biblia Clerus free download
By A.Bouchez Saturday, August 8, 2009, 2:25 p.m. - Permalink
Biblia Clerus is a slightly redacted at the French texts CD Ictus Win, issued under the responsibility of the version Congregation for the Clergy . By cons, it contains more texts in other languages ​​(Spanish, Italian, English …). The Vatican diffuse this free program.

On the site of the Congregation for the Clergy you can download a full version of Biblia Clerus . His first recipients are priests who will be able to have on hand a complete library, to prepare their sermons and teachings. But faithful Catholic, or curious man will also benefit! This is the Ictus 3 complete engine in its latest version, with most of the textual basis of the CD Ictus. However, some Protestant Bible versions are missing, and ADIC can undertake technical service Biblia Clerus. By cons, this version is freely downloadable in a full version and free. Feel free to pass around the new you, to widely disseminate the wealth of the Gospel: Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium!


Verbum is the catholic app for logos and there is lots of free stuff with it. Logos is the pc based companion program. Whatever you buy will load on both automatically


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