Trying to find this book/pamphlet/story

so i dont know what this is. its either a book/pamphlet/or snipet of a story i read at one time. now i am trying to find a copy of it again…

synopsis: a woman had 7 abortions and then starts to hear their voices turning her into a pro-life advocat…

i know, i know… nothing much but its all i remember…

thanks in advance for your help!!!

Real story, or fiction?

It sounds a little like the story “Tilly”, written by Frank Peretti, dramatized on radio by Focus on the Family long ago, and apparently is also on DVD. But that only had 1 child.

I has the same thought–Tilly, written by Perretti.

im pretty sure it was 7 children that was on the back of a prayer for the unborn now that i think about it… it wasn’t a book…

but i just looked at the book Tilly right now… sounds like i should do more reading when i get the chance (i still have a book case full of things i should have read a long time ago…) hahaha

thanks ya’ll!!!

Tilly is also available as a radio play.

radio play? hmmmm… interesting…:slight_smile:

“Pierced by a Sword” by Bud McFarlane Jr. or the sequel which I don’t remember the name has a similar story line in it only it is the man who is “haunted” so to speak by the babies he has helped to create who were aborted.

You can find both of those on the website.

Brenda V.

Praise be Jesus Christ!

Thank you, St. Anthony!!

I found the book. It’s called. Mama! Why did you kill us?, by Domenico Mondrome and published by Tan Books… it was $2.50 plus tax in Our Lady of Peace Gift shop here in California.


Its about 50 pages long… short read… I just bought it and if you want I can write about it (if allowed) tonight. I will just check for any replies/requests here…

:extrahappy: :grouphug: :blessyou:

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