Trying to get back on track


We have been away from the Church for a couple of months. We have no reasons, only excuses. We have been sending our children faithfully to CCD every Wednesday, but are trying to get back on track attending Mass every Sunday.

I looked at the Mass schedule for our area and found the last Mass we could attend as we were coming back home from out of town. We were all dressed for Mass this evening and apparently I read the time wrong. We were attending our old Parish, which always held Mass on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. I looked at the schedule and thought I saw 6:00 p.m. Apparently I need to get my eyes checked because Mass started at 5:00. I felt absolutely horrible! I was so upset because my family was ready to start the New Year off right, but I got it wrong.

We went into the Adoration Chapel and prayed. I asked for forgiveness, but I still walked out feeling like I let God down.


i remember when i finally took the obligation to Sunday Mass seriously, there seemed some significant mishaps prevented me at first. the devil tried hard to get me to quit the new commitment to the old commandment. i prayed. i regrouped. i strove. God won. (as God is known to do. praised be to God!!)

if you haven't already sacramentally confessed missing months of masses, do so. bring the spouse and kids. make that the priority (or the ONLY thing) on this saturday's schedule. then, stay after confession and worship God at the vigil Mass.

then go get an ice cream soda and celebrate your family's return to the practice of your Faith.


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