Trying to ID a pre-Mass Prayer


At a weekday Mass I attend in another diocese (work away from home during the week), the Monsignor leads the faithful in a prayer/devotion. This is before the Entrance Antiphon, while he is still standing at the back of the aisle.

I believe it has two Hail Marys, and at one point the Monsignor says “we bow before you” (or something to that effect), and the faithful briefly kneel.

Any idea what prayer that might be? I failed to ask Monsignor today before I left.


Sounds like it might be the Angelus prayer.


Thanks! After visiting your link, I searched CAF for additional information. That would certainly fit the bill, as it was said at approximately 6:00pm…one of the three times it should be prayed daily. It makes me appreciate daily Mass all the more :smiley:


We have a 6:00pm Sat evening Mass at our parish. The Angleus is said before that Mass.


my parish we normal have mass before the Angelus


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