Trying to make sense of this

If we assume that man evolved and then at some pt.we became human then we became aware of God as our creator.Then somehow we were tempted to go against our Creator and sinned.Then are nature ever since was inclined to sin because we inherited Adam’s nature.When we became human God infused in man an immortal soul.All this is what we learn from scripture.Does all this make sense?The immortal soul was not in our ancestors because they weren’t human.The story of the apple is someway to explain how we sinned but of course it couldn’t have been in fact the true way we sinned.It just says that man disobeyed God or went against our God nature which was put in us.

That’s the problem with evolution. Makes more sense to just believe the Bible.

Makes sense to me!

Tying evolution to the creation of man can seem tricky. God created man, on purpose, and “breathed life into him.” If we are looking at the gradual evolution of what we know as man, I’d say that at one point God said, “This is man” and then breathed a soul into him.

God would have revealed himself to his creation. In the garden of Eden we get the impression that man and God were in contact with each other, and spoke together. Sin is what damaged that relationship and ruined the innocence. It still does!

In my own mind, I think the first man and woman were like animals (again, echoing the evolution perspective.) They were humans, of course, but like animals…naked, innocent. They had free will, and once they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they knew. They knew they were naked, knew what was wrong and what was right…no longer innocent. My opinion is this was no longer a physical evolution, but a mental/spiritual one. They became aware. This evolution (or change) was not necessarily natural or brought about by God, but by man. They wanted the knowledge…they went after the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and obtained it. At this point they became less like animals and more like what we perceive as human…knowing what is right and wrong, making the choice, and realizing the consequences. We perceive this as human because it is all we know! It wasn’t always like that though.

That’s how I make sense of it! :slight_smile:

Ok.They were like animals.But there were in the Garden of Eden.It was a very good place.Right.We evolved from former animals living in tough times.In trees,caves,had to scavenger for food,not an easy existence.This animal became man at some pt.and put him a beautiful garden and they didn.t have to work.Does it still make sense?then this human (spiritual) disobeyed God and He put him right back to where he came from.

Well, remember, the animals were in the garden of eden too. So I don’t think that people were animals in the “wild”, became men, and then were put into the garden of eden. I think we were there all along.

Eden was like a paradise. Ever heard the phrase “ignorance is bliss?” Well, in our primitive state, we were in paradise. We didn’t know good from evil, didn’t know sin. We didn’t have to work.

There are tribes living in the Philippines rainforest, with little to no contact with civilization. They have to scrounge around for food about 3 hours a day to survive. That’s no work, by modern standards. It’s DEFINITELY not work compared to old testament people who often had to work from sun up to sun down (even more than today). As primitive people, in a paradise, not knowing good from evil, and not knowing sin…living as innocently as animals…we did not have to work. We evolved in the garden, and were created in the garden. When we sinned, we were exiled from this state. Once you are no longer ignorant…and you know…you cannot go back.

Note: this is all my personal understanding. Get more opinions perhaps from church sources for the most reliable info. :slight_smile:

Scripture and the Church tell us that man was a special creation of God, so no, we didn’t just evolve and then at some point gain a soul. We were created right from the start in the image of God. There were humaniods, and there are apes and monkeys that have many similarities to human beings, but we can’t say they were us or our ancestors. There’s no proof of that, merely speculation. In the absence of such proof no one can say that we evolved to our present form. Knowing what we do about human nature vs. animal nature, we can readily see that we are more unlike than alike in our free will and ability to know right from wrong. We didn’t just evolve into being human we were always human from the creation of Adam and Eve, our ancestors.

thats all fine and good what you’re saying.So you don’t believe man evolved from some branch of Neaderthal.Who were they?we know they died off but were closer to man than gorillas or chimpanzees.And why did God create creatures that became more and more like modern man let them die off and create this new man in the garden? maake good pts.However why did God create creatures who slowly evolved before human man was created but came to resemble human man almost exactly?Do you think that maybe God said"well ive let this evolution go on long enough and now i will stop it and create a human man almost like the ones that evolved but I will give him a soul?Did God get some idea from the creatures that evolved “saying He looks like the man I want to create in the garden”?Is this logical?I know that man doesn’t base his belief in Christ or God because He’s logical but it seoesome seem like God is playing some sort of game from a human perspective.Or do you believe that these former look a like man didn’t evolve but he created Neaderthal,African man,and all the rest uniquely?

Good questions! I don’t think we can really know the mind of God, so it’s probably impossible to answer. Personally, I think man was created as a special creation by God, and evolution was likely one tool used in that creation. Maybe I’m wrong though.

In any case, why create neaderthals (who humans are obviously NOT evolved from ) and other humanoid creatures? I don’t know. Why did God create both dragonflies AND damselflies? They are so similar. Or why did he create both leopards and jaguars? God’s glory manifests in many different ways, and this diversity must please Him!

I think the key to your dilemma is looking at God’s plan of creation from the “human perspective”. Along with Garyjohn2’s ideas that God loves diversity and similarity in his creation, I would say the apes and near-humans were created as a reminder to us, who are created in God’s image, that we are of the earth as well as touched by divinity. We can decide if we want to be no more than the brutes we look so much like or we can decide if we want to be divine, like Jesus and share fully in the divine life, as did Mary and the Saints.

One of the themes of C. S. Lewis’ Chronciles of Narnia books was that the talking animals were given that privilege while other animals were not. It was a constant reminder to the talking animals that they could become mere brutes again if they didn’t hold fast to Aslan as their Lord and Master. I think it was Lewis’ way of telling us humans the same thing–without God, and as fallen beings, we tend towards sin, which can lead to the most terrible horrors, horrors we can see in our daily newspapers. We need to remain in God in order to remain truly human, as he intended us to be.

thank you all for your opinions.i don’t really think we evolved I was just wanting to know how others felt.I believe man was created uniquely.As to these other beings I don’t have much of an opinion but I would guess they were all created uniquely also.For instance,African man didn’t evlove from Neaderthal man.

Yes, the idea that these disparate groups of beings must be earlier/later forms of each other is mere presumption. It’s reading back into the fossil record evolutionary theory instead of letting the fossil evidence speak for itself.

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