Trying to remember a website summarising Vatican II

I remember a while ago coming across a website that offered a comprehensive summary of Vatican II: all the proceedings, committees, debates, votes, brief transcripts of the aforementioned and interesting observations on the general nature of the Council.

Most of this information is contained in Acta Synodalia, but it’s 26 (!) volumes in size and the Council was largely conducted in Latin, making its transcripts slow going for a casual perusal.

Of course, I completely neglected to bookmark this website. I was wondering if anyone had come across this mystery page?

A job for google? I’m sure that with a little bit of digging you will come across the specific site.

Tried about two dozen permutations of different keywords via Google. No such luck. Sadly those two websites don’t resemble what I had in mind.

The particular website that I came across was a very comprehensive summary: dozens upon dozens of well-organised sub-pages documenting the time, date and location of specific sub-committees, who chaired what committee, participants, salient issues that arose, and excerpts from the transcripts. It was essentially a convenient and navigable form of Acta Synodalia with some commentary.

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