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I am interested in starting a lay Dominican chaoter where I live becuase the closest one to me is 4+ hours away. Does anyone Have and tips? I don’t have a while lot of friends that are catholic and the ones that I do I don’t think would be interested. I need 4 more people to begin the process. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated !!!


Have you talked to the folks at that chapter? The Order may (probably does) have some rules about starting a new group. And the folks at the chapter may have some ideas on finding others who are interested in Dominican spirituality. They may even know of some others, like you, who don’t go to their meetings because of the distance.


I have spoken with them they gave me the information from their rule about starting a chapter once there are 6 people who have come together who are interested they will appoint a domincan to instruct through the 1st 2 year of formation at which time we can let them know we are willing and able to continue on our own. As of yet I have not encountered anyone who might be interested or have a similar vocational call. :frowning:


Where are you located?

You’d be known as an ‘isolate’, which is fine for a Carmelite, but rough on a Dominican, since there’s a greater emphasis on community in the latter.

Study the Rule of St. Augustine. Also, look at the formation programs shown on the OP laity websites.

There are options for those drawn to the Dominican charism as laity.

One option is to take the initiative, and study on your own. Make it a point to visit some kind of Dominican installation – convent, monastery, or priory – to imbibe the spirituality. Visit other spiritualities, so you can make a comparison. Such will also help with discernment.

Second is to locate a chapter – which you’ve done. What you’re wanting to do is start a proto-chapter. If you live the life yourself for a few years, then others could quite possibly be attracted. Perhaps ask permission to lead the rosary before Mass, or sponsor a rosary at another time. Study Truth, and take to the internet doing apologetics. After your name, put “Aspiring Lay Dominican”.

The third option is to contact the Dominican Sisters of Peace, and inquire about their Associate program. It’s a different format from the chapters.

Each province is to take care of their ‘Isolates.’ Find out which province you’re in, and discuss with the Isolate person how to live while in isolation.

I personally have an internet TOP (Third Order of Preachers – old designation) yahoo group. You’re welcome to join and start conversation. One of our members is basically bedridden, and I started the group so she would have a ‘chapter’ to belong to. We met at Jesu Caritas in Nashville a quarter century ago. She and I had both been attracted to the cloister at the time.

Mrs. Cloisters, OP


Mrs.cloisters,OP ,
I am in the Tulsa, ok metro area. I will give some of your suggestions a try and would love to join your yahoo group to gain more knowledge ! Thanks !


You’re in the southern province of st martin de porres – same as me.

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