Trying to understand why Church allows baptism for children raised by gay couples


How do you feel about a single parent?

Or single man or woman who chooses to adopt a child?

Why are we always focused on the SEX part of homosexual relationships? Are straight couples’ marriages merely about sex?


There is no same sex “marriage” in the Catholic Church. Such a relationship is founded upon a disordered attraction and most likely a gravely sinful sexual behavior. I don’t care how many nominal Catholics want the Church to bless homosexual couples. Doesn’t persuade me in the slightest.


I’m sure that very few same-sex couples want to get married in the Catholic Church. Most of them probably just want a civil marriage that gives them various legal rights and protections. Most of them aren’t marrying for religious reasons, just legal ones.


Which is why there was a condition to the child of the same sex couple had the proviso for there to be a spiritual guide who would be in the child’s life.


I’d rather if people openly living against the faith left it. I think Cafeteria Catholics are the biggest problem for the Church. If the couple truely believed that what they were doing is wrong they should split. If the couple was living as housemates (there would need to be a civil divorce though) I would baptize the child.

Without repentance their souls are already lost. I’d have done what I can to get them out of the sinful situation.


What do the terms rigid and conservative mean?


Try to find out what happened to this priest.
Sorry everyone I think I just got this thread shut down.


Today’s cafeteria Catholic may be tomorrow’s devout, orthodox Catholic. The only place for faith formation is in the Church, not outside of it. As the Holy Father says, the Church is not a resort for the righteous, but a hospital for sinners. Outside the Church, and it’s guaranteed that one cannot grow in Christ.

Neither you nor I know that. Whose soul is lost, and whose is saved, is God’s decision alone to make. He reads peoples hearts. We do not.


Not the same thing at all. This innocent child needs to be baptized. Unless the parents state they have no plans on ever raising the child in the church [or the guardian] I see no reason to not baptize the child, who needs the most important Christian sacrament of all. Everything else is red tape. If there was ever a time to extend the benefit of a doubt it is here.

This is about an innocent child, who is incapable of choosing it’s parents, it’s current situation. I would hate to be the priest who denied baptism on technicalities that can be seen to later.


A baptism is always, always beneficial to them.


This thread is so sad. :cry:

It is not up to any of us, thank goodness, to make these decisions.


It happens but not often. I also don’t expect a Cafeteria Catholic to raise their children in the faith. When they become devout and orthodox their children can be baptized.


I get the impression that many posters would like to simply eliminate the requirement that there be a founded hope that the child will be raised in the Catholic Faith. Shall we just baptize every child no matter what? Baptize a child of two advocates of the Satanist religion if they request it? Baptize the child of polygamists, atheists, unitarians, or vehement anti-Catholics at their request? Is the hope that somehow, sometime in the future, the child might, despite his or her parents, somehow come to embrace the Catholic Faith, sufficient?

Parents requesting Baptism for their child, assume responsibility for the chld’s spiritual welfare. Should a priest simply disregard evidence that the parents have no intention of raising the child in the fullness of the Faith? Is it fair to a child to incorporate him into a Church which he will not know or uderstand because his parents are opposed to it?


We are not talking about parents who are “opposed” to Baptism though.
We are talking about imperfect parents who are requesting Baptism for their child.

No child should be made to suffer for the sins of their parents.

I am truly grateful that many of you posting on this thread are not priests who are responsible for the care of souls. :cry::cry:


One could only hope that will be the case

But in fact children do suffer for the sins of their parents. If the parents are drug addicts, criminal, irresponsible, or immature, the children suffer. And if the parents’ own lifestyle itself deliberately contradicts the very Faith in which they wish the child to be Baptized, they are working against the nature and purpose of the sacrament. A house divided.


Could you give the source for this please?


He can’t, because there are none.


To be baptised is one of the greatest gifts God has freely bestowed upon us. I personally wouldn’t like to explain on judgement day why I withheld that gift from an innocent child. If the child was in danger of death would it still be withheld?



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