Trying to understand why Church allows baptism for children raised by gay couples


I might use it in choral music.


It does make the most sense to do it that way.


Do you believe the Catholic Church should marry same sex couples? Or change it’s teaching on the grave sinfulness of homosexual intercourse?


If the sacraments are denied, it’s far more certain that there will be no spiritual growth. The sacraments are efficacious on God’s timetable, not our own.


For the Church to do that, it would have to modify its teachings on all of human sexuality and marriage. That isn’t likely.

I believe each religion can do whatever it wishes with regards to this issue. Nobody is forced to practice Catholicism. However, I am a big proponent of same-sex marriage in the civil realm. And I don’t believe Catholics who take advantage of that should be penalized or shunned by the Church or other Catholics.

I don’t expect other people to believe what I believe.


I’m already living in Lancaster, so it will be an easy change for me. I’ll just have to decide if I want to be an Amish Catholic or a Mennonite Catholic.

The rest of you may have more difficulty making the adjustment if you’re not living near our new brethren.


They will be able to partake of them on their own if they seek it. They will be able to appreciate it more and hopefully in RCIA they be able make good use of what they are given.


That type of extremism isn’t necessary.


But it’s a lifestyle that does have its attractions.


In practice I would imagine there’s a bit of a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach. The couple is not going to say “we will raise the child Catholic, except for the teachings on homosexuality”. Nor, after the couple says “we will raise the child Catholic”, is the priest going to ask “does that include the teachings on homosexuality?”

I assume both parties hope the child will just end up straight and will never really need to know what the teachings on homosexuality are anyway


If you feel called to a monastic lifestyle than that’s good.


They should be held under scrutiny too, maybe more so since it isn’t as evident.


LOL :laughing::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Do you understand that the Church doesn’t “penalize” those who live in unrepentently, mortally sinful lifestyles like a relationship that includes homosexual activity? That these folks actually bring penalty of excommunication upon themselves, and must not receive Holy Communion as long as they remain unrepentently engaged in homosexual activity?
Not likely that the Church will bless same sex “marriage,” or decree that homosexual intercourse is not mortally sinful, no. In fact, not possible.


I understand fully all of the Church’s teachings on these matters. I just don’t believe in them.


I was thinking the same things. If being a homosexual is not sinful, I don’t understand how it is slanderous or besmirching to speculate that someone might have been a homosexual. It leads me to believe that despite all the talk about how being homosexual is not sinful, a lot of the people who say that still think that just having the attraction is a terrible and shameful thing.

And I also can’t imagine most gay people I know being at all concerned about whether other gay adults are having sex or are refraining from sex for whatever reason. That’s a personal choice that is no one else’s business.


Consider applying this to speaking about a dead person’s sexual orientation.


And you understand that Church teaching on the Holy Sacrament of marriage is a truth that must be believed with divine and Catholic faith?


I understand all of the Church’s teachings on these matters, as I stated before.

Catholics come in all shapes and sizes. Most don’t believe everything the Church teaches on every topic.

I am very honest about the kind of Catholic I am. I remain connected to the Catholic faith because of its teachings regarding charity. With regards to all of the other teachings, rules, requirements, etc…well, there is a lot of it I don’t subscribe to.

I have studied Church teachings my entire life. I understand them thoroughly, and if there is something I don’t understand I have several priests, a monsignor and a bishop who I am friendly with who are able to answer my questions.

I understand, I just don’t believe in much of it.


You can’t find something similar elsewhere?

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