Trying to understand


I am trying to figure out why bad things seem to happen to me. Good things happen to me as well, but bad things seem to happen more often and in greater severity
As yet no explanation. Is my faith too weak>?


I would not even venture to guess the state of your faith. What I do know is that our faith must be exercised for it to grow. That is why we go though trails. No matter the state of your fatih, thank God that you have an oppurtunity to increase your faith. Always remember that prayer is the first thing we should do before taking on any task.


Many of the things that happen to us come from our choices as we have free will.

If we allow Him, God will tweak us spiritually to come closer to Him through earthly trials.

Only you know if it is your choices or tweaking that is causing the bad things.

Self examine your thoughts and the people you are around that influence you.

The reward…

The Catholic Church teaches that God will take us to be with him when we spiritually are most ready in our lives.


PERHAPS, God is allowing difficult situations in your life in order for you (or others) to benefit from a greater good that will come out of it. I cannot tell you how many people go through extremely difficult situations in their lives (as you probably know). We all wonder: why? Sometimes we will find the answer in this lifetime, sometimes we won’t. Only when God decides to reveal the answer, will we know the reason for all our trials. This probably won’t happen till we are in heaven. But hang in there! You’re in good comapny! Remember all the Saints who went through horrendous trials! You could be on your way to becoming one!!:slight_smile:


If one believes that “God won’t send you something that you can’t handle.” Then no, your faith is not too weak. It is stronger than you think. So far God has protected my family and I from many of the problems most people face. Why? I’m not sure, but I suspect it is because I am weak. As my faith strengthens, I may be put to the test, if you know what I mean.

One must remember that all that is good comes from Him. IMO, Be thankful for those things and deal with the lemons as best you can. And remember there is no shame in asking for help.


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