Trying to use Lectio Divina

Try as I might, I have a difficult time using Lectio Divina to meditate on Scriptures. My parish has a women’s bible study group and one year the study was on Lectio Divina. It was fine when the study guide picked out the verses but when I tried to use verses in the Gospels, I seem to get lost.

Any help would be appreciated.


I just received an advertisement for a booklet from the USCCB for lectio divina on the Sunday gospel readings. Just that, and a set of three questions to reflect on. Maybe that would work?


Thanks. I’ll look into it.

I sometimes physically write out the scripture passage in the journal. I’ve been granted what I consider amazing insights that I don’t believe I could have gotten from any reading technique. Not that there’s anything wrong with lectio, but for me my mind isn’t yet disciplined enough for that level of meditation and prayer, so the physical activity of writing helps force me to focus.

Hi Irish!

There’s a Lectio Divina Bible available from Amazon. It’s an NRSV Catholic Bible with lectio guides for each chapter. Not expensive!

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I am currently using Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. I’m doing The Gospel of John right now.


Good suggestion, Brian_K.


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You can go to a meadow with sheep and read some of the parts where sheep are mentioned. Hearing them in the background when you read the meeting between Jesus and Peter after Jesus´s resurrection when Jesus asks Peter “Do you love me?” “Feed my sheep.” etc. :smiley:

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Lectio Divina is not hard.

On the contrary, it is sheer joy!

You didn’t really say what was hard about it, or why you want to pursue it, so maybe that is a good place to start? I’m not saying you have to tell us here. Just reflect upon why it is you want to pursue Lectio Divina, and it might answer a lot of your questions right there.

There’s four phases. Lectio (Basic Recitation and Reading of Scripture); Meditation (Discursive Thought and Rumination Upon It); Oration (Speaking to and Responding to Scripture); and Contemplatio (A Reflection On All of It In Light of What You’ve Learned Through The Process).

Basically, I just sit and read scripture until something touches me. I then carry it throughout my day ruminating over it. I will talk with God and others trying to determine what it means per se, and then why it was I found the passage relevant to whatever I am doing in life at the time. Somehow it all just falls together naturally, and then I will contemplate appreciatively over all of it.

It’s not hard. You probably already do it in many ways. I think what you probably want is just to get the gist of how the prayer process proceeds, and then you’ll be good. In fact, you’ll really enjoy it.

Its a wonderful way of praying, studying scripture and growing closer to God.

Blessings to you!

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No sheep around here.:grin: Maybe I can try that when I revisit Ireland next year.

Good suggestions.
In reading your comments, I guess I have been doing it more than I realized.


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