TSA Worker Arrested After Jokes, Fight About Size of Genitalia

Maybe they should have been more worried about that size of his baton…

A TSA worker in Miami was arrested when he “lost his mind” and attacked a colleague who repeatedly made fun of his small penis after the security screener walked through a high-tech scanner that showed his genitalia, according to Miami-Dade police.

Rolando Negrin, 44, was arrested at Miami International Airport Wednesday morning following an altercation with a fellow screener, Hugh Osorno, Tuesday evening. Negrin is facing assault charges for allegedly beating Osorno with a baton in the airport’s parking lot, NBC Miami reported.

Negrin had been embarrassed and enraged by constant ribbing from his colleagues after a training session with a “Whole Body Imaging” machine, according to the police affidavit.

“The X-ray revealed [Negrin] has a small penis and co-workers made fun of him on a daily basis,” according to the report.


I heard this on the radio this morning on my way to work. My first thought was, “How dare they use that contraption!” And hours later, that’s still my main concern. How embarassing for every single person who has to walk through it. I haven’t been on a plane in about 10 years, and if this is what I have to look forward to now, I guess I’m not going anywhere.

As for the specific situation, the supervisor who started the whole thing should be fired. The people who harassed this guy should be fired. They all a bunch of big bullies. The guy should be fired too, because he isn’t in control of himself. On one hand, I can see how that would be a very sensitive subject for him, but what company wants to have someone who beats people up around?

Hm … sexual harassment in the workplace leads to someone getting beaten up?

Yeah, the folks harassing this guy need to be shown the door. That’s completely inappropriate and exposes the company to legal liability.

As to the guy delivering the beat-down I really couldn’t get a good gauge for how inappropriate his action was or how culpable he is from the evidence given. I’d need to see whether this guy reported his supervisor to the next guy in charge or not, though. There are supposed to be proper channels to deal with workplace harassment before you take a bully out into the parking lot and teach him what “fighting words” is supposed to earn you in a civil society.

I don’t believe that every instance of harassment needs to automatically end in lawyers acting as surrogates to go after party’s wallets in place of how a fist to the jaw used to settle an issue. Speaking as someone who mouthed off a lot in his youth in an uncivil fashion I’ll attest to the fact that sometimes you can earn yourself a good thumping. In general it sure beats getting fired and sued.

  • Marty Lund

This incident does not give me confidence in the professionalism of the TSA workforce.

All involved need to be fired and immediately. What a ridiculous thing to argue about and get in a fight about. What are they? 9 year olds??? I mean please. Why men get so hung up on penis size is beyond me. You don’t see us women getting into fist fights over our breast size now do you?? :shrug:

It certainly give no confidence to those of us born Intersexed, who may have non-standard genitalia.

Many of us suffer this kind of thing all the time, because some conditions are rather more obvious than others. Interestingly, we can be fired in all but 12 states for being Intersexed. The bill (ENDA) that would stop that is being opposed by many in the Catholic church on the theory that it would promote homosexuality, and also cause pedophiles to invade womens restrooms.

It’s an Employment bill. That’s all.

Yes and it probably would promote homosexuality. We don’t need that. If you want a law that prohibits the firing of someone for being intersexed, try suggesting to your senators and representatives that they do that instead of making sexuality a legally protected status!

I’m going to wear the biggest banana i can find, in my drawers.Isn’t it rather cool in airports and remember George Costanza and “shrinkage”.

That’s what happens when you hire Thousand Standing Around doing nothing.

There is irony here. Now the entire planet knows how big he is.

Thanks to religious groups - including catholic groups and priests - referring to this as the “Bathroom Bill”, it’s likely that the provisions to protect intersexed people will be stripped out. So it will only protect on the basis of sexuality now.

The same groups have done the same thing in MA, where an amendment to the existing laws protecting gays to protect intersexed people too will now die in committee again. As it has done in the last 3 years.


Three years ago, 35 Republicans voted in favor of a bill that would expand anti-discrimination laws to gays and lesbians, but with Democrats proposing to add transgender people to the measure, far fewer members of the minority party are likely to support it if it comes to a vote this year.


We are it’s called ENDA!

Something tells me it’s been awhile since you watched Jerry Springer.

What professionalism? Do you remember when there was theft by TSA agents from suitcases?

Last summer, I was checking a suitcase at La Guardia Airport, returning from NYC to Little Rock, and I brought the case to where they were going to run it through the x-ray machine. I stood there waiting for it to pass inspection and be put on the conveyor belt to the aircraft. The agent said, “You can go ahead. The bag will go to the right airplane.” I said, “I’m sure it will, but I want to wait to be sure that nothing is taken from my baggage.” The fellow got red in the face, glared at me, but ran it through the inspection and on to the conveyor. He may have thought that I was trying to be a wise guy, but I was quite serious.

I now prefer carry-ons. :shrug:

If they implement these machines, I will be done flying. I am not going through a virtual strip search for the jolly’s of a bunch of federal employees. I will concede defeat to the terrorists for scaring Americans enough to allow us to turn into a police state.

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