Tubal ectopic pregancy

If a woman has a tubal pregnancy, it is permissible to remove the fallopian tube, which is a diseased organ and by the principle of double affect the pregnancy would be ended. Since this can now be done with a drug, and eliminate the need for a surgical procedure, is it morally permissible to give methotrexate, a chemotherapeutic agent which would eliminate the pregnancy in the fallopian tube and prevent rupture of the tube?

Know a nurse who was in that position and did not want to give the drug. I could not answer adequately. thanks

The answer is no. Since the direct intent of the drug is to kill the fetus, the Church does not permit its use for this condition.




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Ask these people and update us on the answer.

No. Here is an article from the ncbc. The last paragraph outlines the difference. Newer articles may be available, but it was also published in an issue of The National Register in 2015.


I did not get the article from ncbc, can you resend. thank you

Gladly. I don’t know what happened. Probable just a case of PEBKAC. There are more recent documents available to NCBC members, and you might contact your diocese office.
When Pregnancy Goes Awry

thank you got it this time

For clarifying purposes if a woman is not pregnant,but has ovarian cancer is it OK to have them removed? From my current understanding since its saving your life it’s OK. Also is it OK after you’re past child bearing years like my mother who had them taken out because of ovarian cancer in her 60s.

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Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to remove diseased tissue or organ. In your second example, are you indicating there was cancer? Yes.

If you are asking about prophylactic removal, due to an increased risk, I would refrain from answering. I have no experience in that question, just opinion. My opinion and $1,47 will get you a cup of coffee. If you have a Catholic hospital nearby, you could call and see if someone in clinical pastoral can talk to you.

Yes the doctors believe it was cancer. I do not believe she had the tests on what they removed yet come back.

Well yes then, thr gynecological oncologists have to use their good (and it is good) judgement. Could be more harmful to wait for definitive results.

I thought so, but it feels good to hear it confirmed

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