Tubal ligation question


I am a returning Catholic who left the church 32 years ago at age 14. Since I left at such an early age, I did not know anything on what the church taught regarding birth control. During my long absence, I gave birth to 5 children and then had a tubal ligation. Since my return last year, I have learned that the church teaches that every “marriage act” must remain open to the transmission of life. What does this mean for me? I have been to confession where my priest asked if there was any way I could reverse it, but medically speaking, it is impossible. Am I sinning each time my husband (who is not Catholic) and I have intercourse? :confused:


No, you did this before you were Catholic, you’ve confessed and been absolved (I hope :slight_smile: ) No need to worry about it any longer.


This was just answered in the Ask an Apologist section of the forum: All you have to do is go to confession, and receive absolution. You are not required to have the operation reversed. And, after confession, you will not be committing a sin when you are intimate with your husband. So, since you’ve been to confession already, you’re in the clear, as far as I can tell. :thumbsup: Rest easy!


I had a tubal five years ago (not knowing how grave a sin it really was) when I realized my sin and mistake I went to confession and my priest said I was totally forgiven and that I needed to now let myself heal of all the guilt I was feeling and move forward. He never ever suggested I have a reversal (those are not covered by insurance and are very expensive, as I did look into having it done) I asked him more recently if it was required and he said it is not, that is totally up to the couple.
That said, even though we can’t conceive, we practice NFP for obedience reasons and it has been wonderful for our marriage.


A reversal is not necessary, but I do think it is something that people who are still in their child-bearing years should prayerfully consider if they have had a tubal ligation. They run anywhere from $3800 to $7000, and the success rates are pretty encouraging. I am really not posting this as a recommendation specifically to the OP, but more in general to any one who might read this thread and truly regrets having had a tubal ligation. I think reversals are worth considering.


I had a tubal ligation before I converted. I confessed my sin and the priest absolved me. There is no question of a reversal since my ligation was so drastic.


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