Hi everyone…

I am having a problem in my soul or my mind mabey both but either way I have this horrible scence of sadness in my heart that just won’t go away.

In 2007 I got pregnant again for the sixth time after 5 c-sections the pregnancy went pretty well but was kind of iffy because I was at a very high risk for rupture. My doctor wanted me to have a tubal and at first I put him off and tried to explaine to him that it was against my religion he even went so far as to have a specialist write my church a letter. I would have been able to withstand the pressure but my Father whome I love with all my heart and would die for started pressuring me this realy confused me because he is also a catholic and devote I understand why my dad did what he did he thought he was saving my life and in truth I had less than a 10 percent chance of carrying another baby to viability. so I gave in and had it done.

Ever since then I have felt this sadness in my heart it’s not that I want anymore its that I can’t have anymore I can’t be receptive to gods wonderful gift of life. I have spoken to my priest and begged forgiveness and I repent to the bottom of my soul. I now live in chastity and I have accepted the fact that that part of my life is over but why oh why do I feel so sad?


This is a grieving process. Let yourself grieve, but also move through the stages of grief to let go of what you cannot change.

This is important. You have confessed. What I don’t see in your post is that you have embraced the fact that you are FORGIVEN.

You were pressured into your decision, so I’m not so sure you are fully culpable in this situation. But whatever level of culpability you do have-- you are FORGIVEN.

I hope you do not mean that you and your husband are living in continence-- without sexual intimacy.

The Church does NOT teach you must abstain from relations with your spouse. Do not continue in this vein because guilt, self-punishment, or misunderstanding Church teaching.


Ke knows what he’s saying.
Don’t worry, Angel, everything will be ok :stuck_out_tongue:


God Bless You!

i regret my vasectomy everyday (no health reasons, i was just being selfish after 3 beautiful children).

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!



You were under a lot of pressure and stress when you made that decision. Your sadness is understandable.

The Church however does not teach that you have to remain chaste, or even that you reverse the tubal. You sinned, but you repented and confessed. God has forgiven you. It’s time to forgive yourself.


thank you all for your wonderful posts.

1ke, my marriage fell apart and because no matter who’s fault or not it was a real marriage I have no intentions of ever getting married again. To forgive myself? I believe I have its just I feel so sad I guess its just that never will I feel the growth of another human under my heart or maby its just that time of my life is over even if I ever wish it to be different. I just feel sad and I realy can’t put my finger on what exactly it is I am sad about. i guess you are right I am grieving.:frowning:


It’s not a popular topic in our culture, but here’s an excellent resource about reversing the procedure: omsoul.com/sterilization-reversal.php


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