Tucker Carlson hits Warren over sexism accusation against Sanders: 'What a fraud. What a liar. What a phony'

It was a virtual “kiss of death” when Obama MAY have at least implicitly endorsed Warren last month (see here, and some of Obama’s supporters here and here too).

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Tucker Carlson hits Warren over sexism accusation against Sanders: ‘What a fraud. What a liar. What a phony’

By Victor Garcia | Fox News

Tucker Carlson spent the opening moments of his television program Tuesday night weighing in on Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s “ugly” campaign collapse and her new feud with campaign rival Bernie Sanders.

Sanders and Warren’s beef escalated following reports that Sanders told Warren in December 2018 that he did not think a woman could win the White House in 2020.

Carlson dissected Warren’s campaign and the burgeoning feud.

“And so as she [Warren] hurtles toward Earth, Warren has pulled her reserve chute. She’s denouncing Bernie Sanders… wait for it… as a sexist,” Carlson said before playing a clip of Sanders from 1988 in which the then-mayor of Burlington, Vt. told an audience: “In my view, a woman can be elected president of the United States.”

“So has Bernie Sanders changed his mind about that?” Carlson asked. “Elizabeth Warren claims that he has. The question is, is she telling the truth?”

The host looked at Warren’s disputed past, including her claims of having Native American heritage. He also mentioned the Massachusetts senator’s repeated campaign trail claim that she was not offered a teaching job because she was pregnant. . . .


As Warren continues to fall, she will say MORE of these odd things that lack veracity (or at least veracity that you can back up).

Warren has lived by her manufactured race-card and gender-card paradigms.

Now her presidential ambitions will be thwarted by
the same type of non-sense.

(Bernie supporters will just turn this around against her and all the people she has been “priming” for all these years in those race and gender areas will turn their proverbial political primary wrath
against HER for things like this in my opinion.)


So much for her attacks against monopolies.

Rapidly turning into a Hillary clone before our eyes.

Democrats, please run her against Trump.

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