Tucker Carlson’s Top Writer Resigns After Discovery of Racist, Sexist Comments in Online Forum

It was before, it still is now. That right has not been violated.

Employ-ability is decided by the potential employer. It will vary from one employer to another.

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Yes, this is a bit of what they call Orwellian.

Media Matters has done investigations in the past, trying to find wrongs people have done.

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I must be missing your concern for this when Cathoholic posts his nightly Tucker segments.

How would separating “screw over their future job prospects”? People leave jobs or get laid off regularly.

His name is now a Google search away. In todays’ culture, even saying something as banal as ‘all lives matter’ is enough to make one unemployable.

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So this man resigned from his job and Fox News is at fault? Color me confused! It sounds like @noob is accusing Fox of firing him? The writer cancelled himself!

I wish I had this level of innocence!

Okay, so it isn’t fox terminating him that jeopardizes his future, but his online activities, including posting a photograph of himself with his post.

The attitude of some on this topic is more of the deplorables theme. Tucker draws amazing ratings, kills CNN and MSNBC, but all that means is that his viewers are all idiots and sheep.


God bless you, sir!

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But that would be within your right as an employer AFAIK.
If someone’s going to be controversial online, they should take better steps towards securing their identity if they don’t want their comments getting traced back to them. It’s not a particularly time consuming process to take reasonable steps to conceal your identity.
I find the views expressed by this person abhorrent and evidently so does the organization that employs him. Actions have consequences, whether we like it or not.


Call me crazy, but I’m going to guess many here have made inappropriate jokes outside of their respective zones of employment.

This calls to mind a great line from a movie I once heard:

“That’s terrible! Must everything be a joke to you?”
“Only the things that matter.”

If he didn’t do that how would we be able to gauge your current level of hatred toward President Trump?

Posting what Tucker Carlson says sure beats anyone posting anything from CNN and claiming it’s news.


Did anyone tell you the right wing technique of calling someone a Trump hater isn’t effective? If not, I will. Telling someone who is critical of Trump that he hates Trump isn’t effective. It just makes your point look weaker.

Is this supposed to be some kind of insult because I post CNN all the time?


Perhaps I’m stepping a bit out of bounds here as I only briefly had a part time job, but I think there’s a difference between a crass joke and the racism this writer is engaging in.


I hope you’ll forgive me, but I think you fail to understand the essence of humor in situations like this. I don’t agree with those jokes, but that’s precisely the point. We don’t screw over the lives and incomes of those we disagree with.

It’s also worth mentioning the one-sidedness of this sort of thing. The businesses in my city with boards over them carrying phrases such as “black owned business” in the hopes of re-directing the ire of the mobs onto white businesses are themselves tacitly admitting to racism, with no repurcussions whatsoever. Here, the matter isn’t even phrased as a joke, but is stated outright. The difference is one gets you fired, the other gets you billions of dollars of corporate financing in the form of activist ‘donations’, from major corporations and special interests.

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ahhhh…back when America had a sense of humor, and Jon Stewart was funny. I miss those days…

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When immediate post-9/11 America becomes nostalgic, you know things have gotten far indeed :sweat_smile:

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But again, AFAIK (and I seem to be correct on this as nobody has told me I’m wrong yet), a company has every right to fire you if you are saying things that can harm the company’s image. You’re free to say what you want, and the company is free to let you go if they think what you’re saying is harmful to their image.
So if you hypothetically owned a business and someone made similar remarks to the person in question, you would be free to not fire them or pressure them to resign, which you have indicated that you won’t. Another business owner would have no problem doing this, and it is within their right to do so.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re alluding to here. Do you mean businesses butting up those signs to avoid looting? That’s a sperate issue from what’s being discussed in this thread.

Lots of jobs now have policies for someone’s social media usage (mine certainly does). For me, association for a public controversy is a condition for termination. I also work in an at-will state. I can be terminated with no wrong doing. Such policies have existed for quite some time. There have also been plenty of examples of people getting fired with wide visibility to illustrate to people that behaviour outside work affects employability. Remember “[Justine Sacco](Ex-PR exec apologizes for AIDS tweet https://www.cnn.com/2013/12/22/world/sacco-offensive-tweet/index.html)”?

Also, labelling highly offensive remarks a “joke” doesn’t minimize them. There have been many hateful and hurtful things said at the expense of others for the pleasure of another.

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