Tucker Carlson’s Top Writer Resigns After Discovery of Racist, Sexist Comments in Online Forum

I don’t watch FOX NEWS, I don’t watch MSNBC, I don’t listen to right wing radio, I don’t listen to left wing radio. None of it is “news”, just political garbage to brainwash their adherents, there are a few online news sources where I can get at least a more balanced view and then, make my own decision politically and in line with my Catholic faith. I’d rather relax and watch EWTN or re-runs of the Andy Griffith show than watch or listen to raucous political commentators.

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A quick glance, by using the search feature, suggest that Tucker threads are started by a very small number of people start an overwhelming majority of threads about something Tucker has said.

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He was given O’Reilly’s old time slot so that must be a fairly big soapbox. Plus I think there was an article on Politico a few weeks ago about why liberal journalists feel compelled to write at regular intervals about Tucker Carlson, so that would seem to indicate a certain level of notoriety.

He’s been around a looong time, started out as a bow tie-wearing print journalist for the New Republic; was a co-host of ‘Crossfire’ on CNN before having a notorious on-air clash with Jon Stewart that seemingly took the air out of his tires and disappearing into obscurity until now.

But you have a point - where are all the Laura Ingraham threads?

A favorite of Cathoholic.


A Catholic Answers progressive who disagrees with fundamental Church teachings calls everything racist thus causing everyone else to collectively yawn and not care; news at midnight.

Just follow-up and say my post is racist. After all, my skin and shirt are white, and my keyboard has white letters.


Well, the Black Panthers never had any view like that. Where do you get such stuff?

“Off the pig!” did not mean that the Panthers wanted any race dead. The Panthers just inspired hate and fear in many folks.

Stuff that Richard Pryor said, stuff that was in all of those shows like “All in the family”, perhaps couldn’t even be on TV today. I’d be careful to bow to political correctness. We may be going overboard.

How did you all of a sudden make yourself a victim?

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I dont think this was an issue of political correctness.

Draw your own conclusions as someone once said…

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I think the “followers” of anybody you can mention will not answer hard questions.

I’ve seen stuff far rougher than Pryor on TV. I can think of one British comedian who’d make Richard look like a teddy. He routinely as part of his act asks the audience to heckle him and then throws put backs at those who volunteer. Most of those are so incredibly rough I couldn’t even post them here. He routinely insults people’s weight size, colour, age etc. ‘All In the Familly’ is an American version of the British show that inspired it and I’ve watched it out of curiosity as a result. I’d say the characters in the US version are on the whole more likeable and yes you couldn’t get away with that in live action anymore but I can think of quite a few animated shows that get away with much, much worse.

He actually worked for Rolling Stone magazine for a while and he is still a registered Democrat.

I find him to be one of the most articulate, well-informed, funniest and most insightful commentators in the national media today. He often criticizes Republican policies as well as left-wing. He takes a somewhat Catholic view against big corporation corruption (monopoly power) and that puts him at odds with many conservatives. His cultural analysis, I find, is amazingly insightful and coherent.
That said, I compare him favorably to everyone else and that’s not necessarily saying very much. I would wish for more like him or better than him. We just don’t have them.

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I’m glad to see Tucker Jenkins got a job finally (only people from the British Isles are going to get this joke)


Generally it’s only the liberal leftists who may claim this. I’ve learned to follow what they do rather than what they say. When those make so many anti Trump statements and continually pass judgement on his personality claim they are not Trump haters…well actions speak louder than words.


I am more than willing to debate any topic I have knowledge in. Generally though, the debate turns into a list all the things Trump has done and why they are evil with the unwillingness to even hear another side. Another side cannot coexist with the liberal left wing side because those Trump supporters are too stupid to know any better, after all they listen to Tucker Carlson.

Do what?


I don’t identify as liberal or conservative… but when it comes to watching American political commentators, I much prefer the “liberals”, especially the comedic ones. I don’t agree with all their positions, but boy are they entertaining. The conservative commentators strike me as perpetually angry and somber. “The Left is coming to kill your family. Be afraid. Be very afraid” on repeat again and again without deviation- even when the most powerful man in the US is very much right wing.

Hardly a victim. I have a great life. It seems to me the people crying “racist” perceive themselves to be victims. Of what, I cannot say, other than delusion much of the time/

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And I’m sorry your side’s hatred toward the great President, based solely on what liberal leftist media tells your side, keeps the minds of those on your side so closed you think we have no counter point. It’s almost as if your side has their fingers in their ears crying nah nah nah nah nah…

You have no idea what I know.

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