Tucker Carlson: The Media ‘Are Your Enemies’ — ‘They Are Misleading You So That You Will Obey’

You can see the video of what Tucker said there on Breitbart too (without concern that Youtube will censor it because they don’t want you to know about this. The video is imbedded in Breitbarts website here. Not Youtube’s
(It MAY be up on Youtube too for all I know. Youtube hides Tucker’s videos by jumbling up dates instead of orderly listing them and gives you may other low-level “Tuckers” when yousearch fir Tucker Carls’s items. I think they call this “friction” when the try to make it an upleasant experience for you to look for what they [Youtube] don’t want you to see. At least they do that to me).


Tucker Carlson: The Media ‘Are Your Enemies’ — ‘They Are Misleading You So That You Will Obey’


31 Oct 2020

Friday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson opened his program by highlighting what he described as a “secret alliance” between journalists those that journalists are expected to hold accountable.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host concluded that ultimately the media were not acting in the best interest of the public at large, which he said made them our “enemies.” . . .

. . . . Reporters are supposed to be tough on people with power. That’s why we have journalism: to keep a close eye on those who have outsized influence over our lives. The people we should watch carefully would include business moguls, the Intel agencies, prominent academics, cultural figures, military leaders, and most obviously, our politicians.

The rest of us can’t really know what these people, the people in charge are doing at all times. A reporter’s job is to find out and tell us. So in the end, the real threat to America isn’t too many nasty questions from reporters. It’s the opposite of that. The real threat is collusion.

When journalists strike secret alliances with the very people they are supposed to be holding accountable, we are in deep trouble. Lies go unchallenged. Democracy cannot function. And that’s what we are watching right now.

Yesterday — and this may be the starkest example of all — we learned that the FBI is conducting an active investigation into Joe Biden’s son for business deals that apparently included his father, the former Vice President.

Now that is not speculation, it is confirmed. Former Biden business partner, Tony Bobulinski sat for a five-hour interview with six FBI agents just the other day — a week ago. They asked him about his business dealings in China with the Biden family.

Now, we don’t know if this investigation will result in indictments, obviously. We know that it could. And that is significant because Joe Biden, as you may have heard is running for President. The election is on Tuesday.

So by any possible measure, this is a blockbuster, stop the presses news story. It’s not some naughty picture from somebody’s laptop. This is a criminal investigation into business deals that we know for a fact Joe Biden was party to. . . .


“They are not trying to help you or inform you, just the opposite. These people are your enemies. They are misleading you . . .–Tucker Carlson”

Also excerpt from the transcript of exactly what Tucker said . .

So why haven’t you heard more about this? If you don’t watch this, you’ve likely heard nothing at all, not a word. And you know why? Because the media are collaborating. They are collaborating with the Democratic Party. They are collaborating with the Intelligence Agencies that spy on Americans with impunity.

They are collaborating with the tech monopolies that have choked off the average person’s access to legitimate information. We’re not overstating any of that we wish we were. Watch the people you’re supposed to be able to trust, dismiss a completely legitimate verified news story as quote, “a Russian plot.” . . .

. . . Every word of what they just said was a lie. Russia didn’t forge these emails. Vladimir Putin didn’t invent the two separate meetings that Tony Bobulinski had with Joe Biden to discuss business in China, the business the FBI is now investigating and an active criminal investigation. That’s all entirely real.

It happened. It is happening now, and the people you just watched on the screen know that it did. Yet, they are telling you it is all fake, a concoction of a hostile foreign power.

So you have to ask yourself at some point, why would they tell you that? They know it’s not true, they are saying it any way. They are expecting you to believe it. Why are they doing that?

Well, because these people are not your allies. They are not trying to help you or inform you, just the opposite. These people are your enemies. They are misleading you so that you will obey and maybe it will work, honestly.

Maybe they will get Joe Biden elected President next week without even asking the most basic questions of the candidate, the most basic questions or vetting him in any way. That can work. That’s the gambit.

But what then? . . .

Minor spell correction mine added in “telling”.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: CAF post of the day. You win the tee shirt. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Lol, and you’re really going to trust a lawyer? I guess some people would rather listen to their fake news; personally I like getting Tucked into bed every weeknight.


I agree with Tucker. The obvious is in plain sight. Media is only looking for $$$ generated by sensationalism of facts which they twist, not truth.


Isn’t TC a member of the media of which he speaks?


Yes sir. They do get things right now and then. I think the is one of them. lol

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ThinkingSapien . . .

Isn’t TC a member of the media of which he speaks?

I think of him as a whistleblower.

ChuckB . . .

You win the tee shirt. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Bold mine.

Now that you’ve posted against me personally (“you”), WHY NOT attempt to deal with the information on my post too?

Anonkun. Yes. Tucker is excellent.

His trustwortiness was not attacked in the sense of truth.

Tucker’s use of hyperbole was attempted to be used LITERALLY against him in a ridiculous case.

It was a fail.



Media disinformation reports and/or influencing voter and academic articles



Yeah that quote seemed too good to be true. Nice catch!

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Tucker talking about propaganda. That’s rich.

His job title may as well be minister of trump propaganda.


Just sounds like he is sawing off the branch on which he sits.

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Nice commentary by Tucker. I tend to agree.


I was not responding to your post. I am truly mystified how you could have arrived at that conclusion.

No tee-shirt for Cathoholic.

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ChuckB . . .

I was not responding to your post.

You’re right. I’m wrong. I made a mistake.

Thanks for the correction!

(I would still like to see your comment addressing what Tucker actually said.)

The same guy everyone claims is not at all racist…despite having to fire his own head writer for posting blatantly racist comments on the inter-webs… a non-story to conservatives because of the “no conservative has ever been racist or could ever be racist” mantra we hear on CAF.
Regarding the OP…Tucker…you ARE the media…

I have never seen this sentiment expressed on CAF do you have any links to this expression of conservative sainthood?

And a great example of much of what is wrong with it.

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