Tucker: Elizabeth Warren's campaign on its last legs

My guess is that Donald Trump is rooting for Bernie Sanders. He has so much of that angry-school-marm thing that sunk Hillary Clinton. (Actually, he’s all the way over to you-rotten-kids-get-off-my-lawn!!)

The President might have a bit of trouble with Amy Klobuchar. I don’t think she’ll be nominated, though.

It isn’t always about policy. For people who decide who to vote for on Election Day itself (which are, let us admit it, the people who decide a lot of elections and maybe most of them), likeability is very important.

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Thanks Victoria33.

From Victoria33’s article . . . .

. . . A half-dozen women of color have departed Elizabeth Warren’s Nevada campaign in the run-up to the state’s caucuses with complaints of a toxic work environment in which minorities felt tokenized and senior leadership was at loggerheads.

The six staffers have left the roughly 70-person Nevada team since November, during a critical stretch of the race. Three of them said they felt marginalized by the campaign, a situation they said didn’t change or worsened after they took their concerns to their superiors or to human resources staff.

“During the time I was employed with Nevada for Warren, there was definitely something wrong with the culture,” said Megan Lewis, a field organizer who joined the campaign in May and departed in December. “I filed a complaint with HR, but the follow-up I received left me feeling as though I needed to make myself smaller or change who I was to fit into the office culture.”

Another recently departed staffer, also a field organizer, granted anonymity because she feared reprisal, echoed that sentiment. “I felt like a problem — like I was there to literally bring color into the space but not the knowledge and voice that comes with it,” she said in an interview.

She added: “We all were routinely silenced and not given a meaningful chance on the campaign. Complaints, comments, advice, and grievances were met with an earnest shake of the head and progressive buzzwords but not much else.” A third former field organizer who was also granted anonymity said those descriptions matched her own experience. . . .


Warren misleading a minority woman here too . . .

(Watch Warren who seems beholden to the unions, treat this woman condescendingly [in my opinion],
and gives her a partial-truth for an answer
almost certainly misleading the woman)

. . . At 3 seconds here is minority woman Sarah Carpenter talking about a better education for minority students and the need for charter schools . . . .

because I read that your children went to private schools,”

At 5 seconds here is Elizabeth Warren . . . .

“My children went to public schools,” . . .

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Oh I am so disappointed we won’t get to watch her stand up to Trump. Or Bernie.


Zzyzx_Road . . .

Oh I am so disappointed we won’t get to watch her stand up to Trump. Or Bernie.

If I gave her a box to stand up on would that help?

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I suspect we will still see them on the campaign trail in the General Election, supporting the Dem nominee.

Gasping for air perhaps.

Surprising how fast Biden and Warren have fallen as soon as the actual voting has started.


Yes, reality once again trumps liberal media elites.


It’s called election fatigue. :slight_smile:

In case you are interested in the data:

It is fair to say that Biden is taking a hit with his losses, as his electability veneer is lost, although he was losing ground all through January with the constant stream of nonsense about his corruption.

But Warren dropped big time in October to December, losing ground to Sanders and Buttigieg. While steady through December and January, she has dropped a little bit more since the voting began.
It is very early.

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The mainstream media still thinks it’s head is attached after it’s decapitation last election.
They still think they control public opinion in the US. I hope they keep doing what they are doing, cause the less influence they have the better. Chris Matthews, you’re doin a great job buddy!
They are getting beaten by a man they think is an idiot.

When you think an opponent who is beating you badly is an idiot, you have lost the contest and are the last to realize it. My junior high basketball coach seems pretty smart now: “respect your opponent if you expect to win”.


For sure. We have a whole season of baseball to get through first and they haven’t even started spring training.

Send your thank you card to Pelosi, she sucked all the media attention to her impeachment. She tanked Biden all by herself.

Probably coincides with the release of her detailed plans for everything, even Dems don’t believe her.


I don’t like much about Donald Trump personally. But he is appointing pro life judges and seems to be handling the country’s business well.

And what you see is what you get. I don’t like the fact that “Mike” Bloomberg appears in flannel shirts in someone’s barn. And calls himself “Mike”, as if he is living right next door to me instead of a billionaire’s house. That’s fake.
DT is arrogant and impulsive with his speech, and he’s not afraid to let people know he is wealthy. But at least he has the courage to be himself.



I distinctly heard you say Trump!


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Of course the impeachment had nothing to do with the FAKE story about Joe Biden in Ukraine. Not a thing.

Agreed. And well before the voting.

dvdjs . . . .

Of course the impeachment had nothing to do with the FAKE story about Joe Biden in Ukraine.

I think the FAKE element in that story was the denial of a deal with Biden and Ukraine.

And along the lines of not being in Ukraine, it is my understanding that Hunter has never been to Ukraine for Burisma business (yet his million dollars plus a year salary was still directed his way).

Pretty odd not to bring in a million-dollar-a-year “whiz-kid” but fork out all that money for only out of country meetings.



Not to worry. The other candidates and the news media will keep reminding us of his wealth.

Warren was the victim of Saturday Night Live’s Kate Mc Kinnon and her hilarious parody of EW’s strange vocal and physical movement ticks.

Remembering Kate’s disturbingly funny rendition of Hillary Clinton in 2016, her Elizabeth Warren imitation is a bit like Hillary lite.

The "I’ve got allll the ingredients … " and stilted little dance out line in the SNL Democrat debate skit marked the candidate as the Queen of not-so-cool but thinks she is.

Saw an OLD film of Warren as a Harvard professor commenting on matters of Economics and … well … she made sense … at one time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Film was made about 2011 I think.

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