Tucker: Has American put too much faith in Dr. Anthony Fauci?

TMC on Nancy Pelosi fat-shaming the President . . .

Yes, actually, I 100% agree that was a brash, boorish statement and she should not have said it.

I have seen your excellent posts and I am not surprised you were principled enough to call out one of “Your guys” (?) here.


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The insulter/ shame merchant in Chief has no cause to cry victim. A completely different issue than the appropriateness of the Speakers observation/ identification.

By the ways most people do and always have. By working to be able to eat and drink and have shelter is the primary thing. Science has done great things. But for those things, though, all the science in the world wouldn’t save us.

Do you really believe this?

Do you really think that people who have dedicated their lives to studying infectious diseases and people with MPHs never consider what to do about new viruses?

White Houses have had Pandemic Response Teams in the NSC. CDC has vast experience.

Survivalist living requires acute knowledge of science, or at least principles.A bit more needs to be known to ACTUALLY, FARM, OR HUNT, OR BUILD ONES HOME, AND AVOID DANGERS. TODAY AVOIDING DANGER LIKE COVID 19 IS AIDED BY SCIENCE. You need an actual economy today that is sophisticated.

I’m not talking about “survivalist living”, though people have done it for millenia. But it’s excessive to say survivalist living requires “acute knowledge of science”. To say that, you assume your conclusion and prove nothing. If you say every human skill is “science” or based on it, then sure, you can say survival depends on “science”. Before “science” became a god in our society, it was simply called human rationality. That rational thinking exceeds animal activity, but one could even claim “scienctific knowledge” for animals since some of their activities are exceedingly complex and require skills of which we are only beginning to have knowledge.

What truth anthropologically separates the human being from the rest of the creatures?
One answer has to do with a special behavior.
All creatures are born, and then living, they develope skills and strategies accumulated over a lifetime.
With small exceptions when they die, the next generation repeats. Lower forms recapitulate their parents lives with little or no knowledge carried over from the previous generation.
Higher forms like Monkey’s and killer whales pass on some rudimentary knowledge via prior generations.
We are the only creature that accumulates knowledge over millennia of generations to kickstart every new generation. Euclidean Geometry is passed on for generations for example. We all benefit from this story of building on our past. All science related.

Well, it certainly seems that way.

Don’t wear a mask. It doesn’t work and can harm you. Wear a mask any time you go out, if you don’t you are risking everyone’s health.

Wipe down everything that comes into your house. Don’t use your reuseable bags, Leave delivered boxes at least overnight before touching them. Wash your hands after you touch your mail. Oh, although the virus can live on surfaces, the load just isn’t high enough to transmit to a person. No need to wipe down anything.

If they knew so much about this virus, were they just Playing us for fools?Just trying to see how far they could push us?

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Seems to me the knowledge is spotty and the opinions change from time to time with some of them. There is no “definitive” way to deal with the virus, only ways adapted from other aspects of disease prevention. Take washing your hands frequently. They have told us that with the flu for years, probably decades. Standing too closely? Same with the flu and colds. Wearing a mask? Same. Even shutting down commerce isn’t new. We did that with the 1918 flue.

There’s no vaccine. There’s no “definitive” treatment. We don’t even really have a firm fix on who’s vulnerable and who isn’t. Since, for one thing, we can’t know who is immunocompromised because of HIPAA and ADA we don’t even know why some person who is 35 years old died of the virus.

The question wasn’t about this virus. It’s new. It was about viruses in general.

I admit there has been confusion. Part of that is because the people who do know what they are doing aren’t making policy, and the people who are making policy are decidedly anti-science and averse to bad news.

Yes, more confusion. Unless you realize that it was not known this was a 100-year event at the beginning. Given perfect knowledge of events six months out, everybody would have handled this differently.

What I am disappointed about is that the people who could have protected us were not allowed to.

You have that all wrong.Again for the umpteenth time.Fauci and Brix were the “ experts” along with WHO Anydecisions on our president’s part were dictated by the experts opinions and models,data which have proved to be abysmally off target.
The continued partisan blaming Trump for everything is just that bias.

Jeane, just watching the President continually contradict the experts during the daily coronavirus campaign rallies is enough to inform someone who was paying attention that Fauci and Birx were not/are not dictating anything.

The same thing can be said for the continual blaming of other people for those things that Trump is responsible for.

Also don’t know what they’re doing a good part of the time.

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