Tucker: The left doesn't want Joe Biden to debate President Trump

I have been predicting this would occur.

I am surprised this call to NOT debate did not come sooner.

FoxNews #Tucker

Tucker: The left doesn’t want Joe Biden to debate President Trump


Published on Jul 8, 2020

Democrats want to hide presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden until Election Day. #FoxNews #Tucker



How does Tucker making up stuff count as a “news” article?


the groundwork has already begun to be laid for this in the form of suggesting their be debate conditions that they know the trump campaign will not accept. then they get to yell " Trump wont accept these ‘reasonable’ conditions" instead of having to defend trying to keep Biden from forgetting what office he is even running for on national TV.


I don’t believe you have to have a news article any more, do you?

Plus, opinion pieces have been used on here for a long time. Just because you dislike Tucker doesn’t make it less qualified than some NYT or WaPo piece.


I think that Biden versus Trump in a debate would be hoot.

Biden will misspeak, and Trump won’t answer any questions.


Biden really has no reason to debate. He’s ahead in key states and trumps approval rating is tanking. He can only hurt himself in a debate. There’s really no upside for him.

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When you’re ahead it’s not in your interest to debate because it has an equalizing effect.


The American people deserve a debate…its a part of the process.


It’s become customary over the last 50ish years, sure, but there’s nothing that mandates it. If the American people care enough, presumably they’ll put enough pressure on Biden that he’ll feel compelled to.

I agree. To have a chance to win, Democrats need to keep Biden as the “hes not trump” candidate and keep what seems an awful lot like declining cognitive ability out of the eyes of the American people to the maximum extent possible. They need to keep the voters who may say " I don’t want Trump, but That Guy?!? I don’t think so"


I know.
Reminds me of the 2016 election.

How so?

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I’m not a Biden fan, but don’t believe he will do terribly if he debates. He has memory issues, issues that seem similar to those that develop dementia when they become older. How bad those memory issues become over time is of course hard to say. It’s a common problem for the elderly.

Overall I suspect Biden is low energy. When he was on the campaign trail, out working crowds, he seemed to make many mistakes. I’m guessing if he is rested up before the debates, he’ll do better than many expect.

Since at this point I wouldn’t expect policy to be debated, I’d expect it to all just be performance more than usual.

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I’m sure the left doesn’t want Biden in any type of debate with President Trump. Even if he had the questions ahead of the debate, which would be likely given the debate would be hosted by a leftist news site, Biden still would fumble.


Does Biden have a policy?


I think Biden refusing to debate will only hurt him polling-wise. I agree debating may hurt him (or Trump could do poorly), but Americans are conditioned to debates. When was the last presidential election that had no debates, or a candidate flat-out refusing to debate. Much of Biden’s support is likely tepid, “he’s not Trump” support. The last think he needs is to demotivate those folks when turnout is going to be critical for him, based on enthusiasm numbers.


This is where you lose me. I agree that there are a lot of people who are “meh” about Biden, but I think of the anti-Trump sentiment makes up for any deficit in enthusiasm. There aren’t too many people who are lukewarm about trump at this point. Most people who don’t like Trump would vote for a bag of cement as long as it’s a repudiation of Trump.


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Can I quote you on that?

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