Tucker: There's no going back for Democrats after Bernie Sanders' surge

Tucker: There’s no going back for Democrats after Bernie Sanders’ surge

Feb. 05, 2020 - 3:15 - Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ supporters intend to remake American society from top to bottom.


From what I can see in Iowa, they’re doing everything they can to suppress this surge.


That thing is run by older volunteers. Do you really think a big conspiracy is more likely than having trouble with a new, and not very well-tested, app?? :rofl:

The company that developed the app has connections to both Buttigieg and his campaign, and to Hillary too. I can definitely believe that a company so firmly connected to the Democratic Party establishment is trying to undermine Bernie.

Bernie seems to be the favorite of Trump supporters here.


It already happened in 2016 to Bernie.

Now, the DNC changed the rules for debates on the fly to allow Bloomberg to participate by creating a rule specifically for the only person who could donate enough money to take advantage of it. And we are to think the DNC is abive playing games to skew the playing field towards the person(s) they want selected?

Bernie, even if I disagree with the man, has almost no chance and that isn’t fair.

That’s only because he reminds me a bit of Mr. Burns socialist doppleganger.

Not too surprising. Other than perhaps Klobuchar, he seems to be the least awful of the group.

Oh, Carlson said that? Must be true, then, even though Carlson has a BA in history…hardly and expert in Political Science…

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