Tufts University - new school policy - no sex in front of roommate

Tufts University, Massachusetts has a new rule in their student handbook. No sex in front of roommate. Boston radio had a call-in discussion with many former college students relating their stories and one caller talked about how one student had sex in front of about 6 students. Maybe it is a form of exhibitionism or maybe students just don’t have a problem with it.


This may be more prevalent in the Northeast but I’ve heard stories about the South also.

Roommates everywhere are thanking the school administration for this bold, new policy.


cough splutter

We need a rule, now, to tell people they shouldn’t have pre-marital sex in front of witnesses. :eek: :blush:

(What ever happened to the rule about not having sex in the dorms at all?)

Next, they’ll be having to remind the kids not to swear in front of their Moms. :rolleyes:

When I was in college, after the quill but before the computer, they would have been expelled immediately. The students back then would have seen them has having serious emotional or mental problems. :eek: And that was in a state university.

Same here - I went to Art School, and it was a common enough sight to see half-naked models roaming the hallways, but having sex in front of other people would have been considered a sign of severe mental illness. (Even people who were known to be having sex behind closed doors were referred to in terms that questioned their ability to reason coherently - both male and female.)

From the linked article:

“We want to make perfectly clear that we do not want to hinder someone from engaging in any personal or private activity,” she said. "But when it becomes uncomfortable for the roommate, we want to have something in place that empowers the residents to have a good conversation with the roommate."The school doesn’t want to hinder anyone. Oh really, why not? Maybe that’s the origin of the problem.

I encourage all parents to read “I am Charlotte Simmons” by Tom Wolfe.

This is what comes of sending the kids to soccer instead of to Sunday School. :rolleyes:


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