Tumblr now ghost town after p*rn ban



Not really sure why this is considered a bad thing based on your headline. If that much of their business was based on pornography and presumably sex trafficking that is a sad commentary on the service. As the executive cited in the article stated, they are poised now for longterm growth to other markets. If they were smart, they would market their services for conservative news and commentary that are otherwise being pushed out of the market from places like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Last comment, the commentary seems to imply that legislating morality is a bad thing. All legislation attempts to enforce a minimum standard of morality. That is the very purpose of laws.


They are a social network. Seems traffic of course i think has went down.


How is that a backfire? Because they lost visits from porn seekers? Sounds more like a win to me.

“You can’t legislate morality” is such a worthless phrase. Most laws on the books are based on someone’s morality. Yes, you can legislate morality, it’s done all the time.


I heard the filters they are using to flag the posts is at best inconsistent. like accidently flagging innocent posts like a cartoon of garfield, based on skin tones.


Exactly right.
Businesses sometimes have to make the decision to sacrifice some money/business if they think a product/service/theme is immoral.We all “love” money but it shouldn’t be chased at any cost.
It’s no coincidence that the biggest immoral trades come with the most financial potential -ie:drug dealing,prostitution and porn industry.


One thing that is good is that nsfw images won’t appear on my dash anymore. I used a app called “tumblr savior” you may have heard of it. It had a blacklist feature to hide posts that you have blacklisted. Like if you have blacklisted “nsfw”,tags that been tagged as “nsfw” would have been hidden. Of course some would forget to tag nsfw posts as “nsfw” and me and others would be constantly posting "please tag posts that are nsfw as “nsfw” So i’m glad for the purge for those who forgot to tag their posts as nsfw are now gone.


This thread reminds me of a line from the TV show Scrubs where Dr Cox says: “I’m fairly sure if they took porn off the internet, there’d only be one website left, and it’d be called Bring back the porn!”


There is even a petition to tell them to rescind the policy and allow nsfw content. But i even wonder if Verizon(the company who owns tumblr) will even read the petition. Cause you know how petitions usually go.

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