Tune for the "Our Father" When Sung?

I’m sure there is more than one tune for the “Our Father” when it is sung, no?

Can anyone point me to what might be more commonly used tunes?

I can follow sheet music slightly but a video or audio clip would be better.



I think every diocese would have one or two approved. In the UGCC parish I attend, there is a musical set in the book we use for Divine Liturgy. Not sure if that musical set is universal in the Ukrainian Church, but it would be standard for everyone who would use that book because there’s only one set.

Here are two common chant settings of the Our Father, one in english, one in latin.

Latin sheet music
Latin Mp3 (note the MP3 starts a little before the sheet music does, so just listen for that “praeceptis”)

English (see attachment) (This has no intro, but just the prayer itself)
English Mp3

The Latin was the “original”, and the english setting is a adaptation to make it work with the english language better. I think the latin version is much more beautiful though.

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