Turkey: car bomb at police headquarters in Diyarbakir. Media report many casualties


euronews.com/2016/01/14/turkey-car-bomb-at-police-headquarters-in-diyarbakir-media-report-many-casualties/ This is a breaking story and look’s to be pretty serious. Another report rt.com/news/328817-turkey-police-blast-kurdish-pkk/ I imagine it’ll be picked up soon my other news outlets.


Turkey is having its share of problems now. I don’t trust their president.


If it really was the Kurds who launched the attack, they needed that attack like a hole in the head. Good luck with us getting Turkey to coordinate with them against ISIS now. :frowning:


I pray it wasn’t the Kurds!


A bit more of an update from the BBC:-


A small clashed happened between Kurds and Christians.

[quote]Syria: Clashes between Kurds and Christians in Hassake province


Kurdish YPG Forces Attack Assyrians in Syria, 1 Assyrian, 3 Kurds Killed

So this was on a very small scale but still, one doesn’t like to hear this.


PKK, a Socialist Kurdish outfit seems to be whom is being blamed.

Turkey’s president said Thursday that military operations would intensify against PKK Kurdish rebels after the group was blamed for a car bombing of a police headquarters, and he promised there would no end to the military operations until the group was eradicated.

What is their evidence in blaming the Kurds?

**Bomb attack by Kurdish rebels claims six lives in Turkey
**- Reuters
CINAR: Kurdish militants attacked a police station in southeast Turkey with a truck bomb, killing six people including a baby and two toddlers on Wednesday night, in one of the biggest strikes since the conflict reignited in July, security officials said.

The overnight blast ripped the facade off the station in the small town of Cinar. A reporter saw nearby windows blown out, shop shutters mangled and streets covered in debris.

I didn’t think that was their style, maybe they claimed responsibility.


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