Turkey fires 21,000 teachers and demands suspension of every university dean in country in post-coup crackdown


Turkey’s post-coup crackdown took a more sinister turn on Tuesday after tens of thousands of teachers were fired and all the country’s university deans were told they faced suspension.

The licenses of 21,000 staff working in private schools were revoked, more than 15,000 employees at the education ministry were sacked, and the state-run higher education council demanded the resignation of 1,577 university deans.

The purge is part of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s heavy-handed attempt to root out supporters of Fethullah Gülen, the US-based cleric accused of orchestrating the failed revolt, whose movement is accused of infiltrating state institutions.



Events in Turkey are starting to look less like a coup and more like a Reichstag fire.


Agreed. At first I thought this “coup” was orchestrated by Erdoğan simply to identify his enemies in the military, but now it really is starting to look like a Reichstag-type event.


Yep, erd just gave himself a free pass to establish an islamic state I’m afraid.


Had the same thought myself even before the non-military purges started since he was pretty indiscriminate in who he was removing from the military upper echelons (even those not involved). Now it’s almost a certainty with him going after education at all levels.

And if it wasn’t an inside set up, the military leaders who were responsible played right into Edrogan’s hands. It’s terrible to see Turkey, who was a bright spot of the Muslim world go down this path. I’m sure Islamist law will not be far behind which can only be bad for any non-Muslims in country.


What a mess! :frowning:

Praying for Turkey.


The purges are widening to the judiciary. He’s now ousted 3000 judges, and over 9000 police officers. Also 500 from the Religious Directorate and 1500 from the Finance ministry have been sacked.

Basically all opposition seems to be in his crosshairs. Very 1930’s Germany stuff going on over there. And the aborted coup is all the justification he needs for everyone to go along with it it.


Erdogan targets more than 50,000 in purge after failed Turkish coup



that is what I was thinking also.


Turkey is officially a Islamist theocracy now.

The infidels are being purged out of the country as we speak.


All in all, he has shown himself to be very well prepared to not let this crisis go to waste.
That may not be a coincidence.


Erdogan has also cut power to Incirlik AF Baseq, holding 1500 American AF servicemen and their families essentially ‘hostage’. Although nothing more than restricting them to base has happened so far, it could explain why not much has been heard condemning the crackdowns from the US…

Prayers for these trapped people and a peacful solution…


Funny (strange) how Erdogan always managed to be able to escape the coup forces and access media outlets…and pulling it just when America is focused internally…

Praying for those trapped there.




This actually deserves it’s own thread, but it’s kind of a hybrid between a news article and a blog post. It works in this thread, too, though, because it’s asking how wise it is for the United States to use Incirlik Airbase for storing nuclear weapons.


I hope the Air Force is/has moved the nukes out. They have been flying strikes against ISIS using generators on base. Hopefully some have been ursed to remove at least the nuclear components.


Yeah given what is going on I hope NATO is working on a contingency plan to expel Turkey if the course they’re on continues.


Yep. This seems to sum it up nicely. :smiley:



I think you are right. (unfortunately)


Here’s a debate from the NY Times Op-Ed section:

I really can’t see any reason to have them there.


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