Turkey frees 12 radicals after 'ugly' attack on US sailors - AFP


** Turkey frees 12 radicals after ‘ugly’ attack on US sailors ** - AFP

Istanbul (AFP) - Turkey on Thursday freed without questioning or charges 12 radical nationalist protesters who attacked three US sailors in the centre of Istanbul in an assault that alarmed the American military.

Several dozen members of Turkiye Genclik Birligi (Turkish Youth Union/TGB) attacked the visiting US sailors on Wednesday afternoon while their vessel the USS Ross was moored in the centre of Istanbul on its way back from exercises in the Black Sea.

They threw red dye and sought to force white sacks as hoods on the sailors in the Eminonu district on the Istanbul waterfront, a popular tourist hub.

Read more at: news.yahoo.com/turkey-frees-12-radicals-ugly-attack-us-sailors-190407027.html

One can see, in my opinion, the Sailors did little to defend themselves but run, probably not wanting to create an international incident.

Video here: theweek.com/article/index/271886/speedreads-attack-on-us-sailors-by-turkish-mob-caught-on-tape

As I said in the other thread, Turkey has probably seen many go through their country to join ISIS. So seeing this happen in Turkey is a bit dubious.

Turkey has a bit of a history of violence against foreigners, 2 fans for the Leeds Football/Soccer team killed in the year 2000?


Historically, though not that bad, there are quite a few incidences with Turkey in international soccer play in recent years, against the Swiss in 2009 I believe and so on.

To be fair, yes, many countries, largely in Europe and South America have had these kinds of incidences. The goal is is to make them very rare in the modern day.


From wiki-
Youth Union of Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye Gençlik Birliği, TGB) is a Turkish far-left political,[1] anti-government,[2] anti-American[3] revolutionary youth organization founded on 19 May 2006. It comprises 65 student clubs and societies from over 40 Turkish universities.

I hardly think this can be linked to ISIS.


One of the articles indicate they are Nationalistic and one of the protesters is waving a Turkish flag. It is okay to protest but obviously, they took it too far. Even if minor charges, I’d think anyone who tries to put a bag over another person’s head should be charged.


I think that those who are in the US military should give some serious consideration to the fact, that since Turkey is a member of NATO, they might be ordered some day to defend this country.


Polls show that 64% of Turks hold an unfavorable opinion of the USA. NYTimes, Nov. 13, 2014, p. A5.



The Turkish people don’t appear fond of much…

But Turkish distaste for foreign powers does not begin and end with the U.S. On balance, around two-thirds or more Turks express unfavorable views of the European Union, China, Brazil, Russia, Iran and Israel. Turks even dislike Saudi Arabia (53% unfavorable and, notably, the highest favorability percentage (26%) among all countries we asked about). The people of Turkey also hold negative views toward NATO specifically (70% dislike the organization). In fact, it is hard to find any country or organization the Turkish people really like, except, of course, Turkey itself. According to our spring 2012 poll, 78% of Turks said they had a favorable view of their country


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