Turkey permits 1st new church in 90 years [CC]


For the first time since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has permitted the construction of a Christian church, Agence France-Presse reported.The Syriac church will be …



Turkey will permit the construction of the first Christian church since the foundation of the modern republic in 1923, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said at a meeting of religious representatives in Istanbul.

The Syrian Christian church will be built on state-owned land in the Istanbul district of Yesilkoy, Davutoglu said at the meeting which took place on Friday evening, according to the state-run news agency Anadolu.

Previously only renovations of existing churches had been allowed in Turkey.



Really? Wow! :thumbsup::D:yup::clapping::bounce:


This is to say that in the country that has been the most secular and liberalized majority Muslim country of the past century, not one church has been allowed to be constructed in the last ninety years.


When one starts paying attention to how these umm allies feel about their friends it is unusual.

Turkey doesn’t seem to hold Christians in that high esteem?


I was accused of being a Christian’ for translating Pope Francis’ speeches,
says Turkish actress Serra Yılmaz

Oh no! Not a Christian?!


Indeed, the left in this country has completed the transition from being totally and intentionally blind to the horrific effects of communism to being totally and intentionally blind to the negative effects on a culture when Islam becomes the dominant worldview.

It’s a little bit different than the days of Walter Duranty though. Duranty understood communism and like the idea of it and wanted it to work. Today’s leftists haven’t really studied Islam and aren’t really endorsing it directly. Instead they are endorsing their own blinkered ideology that all cultures are of roughly equal value and nobody in western culture has any right to criticize any element of another culture. Insteading reading up on Islam and endorsing it, they are refusing to read up on Islam and thus refuse to see the issues.

I do predict an implosion of the Islamic world in 50 years or so. Islamic cultures are so thoroughly and completely xenophobic today that they are purging all the Christians, Jews and secularists from predominantly Islamic societies (who happen to be many of the most educated members of those societies). They are walling themselves off and will stagnate badly due to the way that their vision of a totally inscrutable Allah stifles science and scholarship. When their cheap oil runs out, what will they do?


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