Turkey vows to 'completely cleanse' Islamic State from border after wedding attack kills 54


Turkey vows to ‘completely cleanse’ Islamic State from border after wedding attack kills 54: reut.rs/2b9LC88


This might be a “threefer” for Turkey.

  1. Push ISIS back from its borders.
  2. Decimate Kurdish forces in the area.
  3. Seize oil fields. Turkey is pretty much devoid of oil and spends a lot of money importing it. Turkey also has a history of seizing land, including a piece of Syria. Turks could move into the oil fields in Syria (possibly part of Iraq) and neglect to leave once ISIS is cleared out.




Good luck with that!


ISIS out? Turkey in? Something wrong with this picture? :confused:


Oh, I think Turkey could do it handily. ISIS isn’t the giant people think it is, and Turkey’s “rules of engagement” are unlikely to be very strict. They were once referred to as the “terrible Turk” and might not have changed from that. With a concerted effort (and aerial protection from Assad) I expect Turkey could make short work of ISIS in at least most of Syria. I do not, however, think Turkey would want to bump up against Iranian forces in Iraq, and would stop at the border.


Oh, I don’t doubt that Turkey would do a better job of it than we would. I was stationed there for a year, and one thing they taught us early that you don’t mess with the Turkish soldiers. I’m not sure, tho, that they can finish the job.


I don’t trust Turkey, never have.


Two words: Armenian genocide.


Me neither. I was going to say more, but that will suffice.


Could be we’re about to see the old Middle Eastern empires go border-to-border again. Iran is rapidly taking over Iraq, most of Lebanon and a sizeable portion of Syria. Its ancient rival, Turkey, is looking at potential Iranian takeover of the Sunni Arab regions. Turkey might be fixing to do “peacekeeping” in the Sunni Arab (and oil) areas for, oh, maybe the next century or two.

The Arabs won’t like it, but there wouldn’t be much they could do about it. And they might even prefer it to an Iranian takeover of the whole.


How does that saying go: “History doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes”? Something like that.

Iran is busily taking over territory in the Middle East. Turkey might be the next to do it. Meanwhile, Russia is taking over former Soviet (and Imperial Russian) areas. China is claiming the South China sea and, of course, claims Taiwan and some other islands. Are we going to be seeing some empire rebuilding in our time? Seems like we might be on the road to it.

I don’t for a minute believe Brexit is a step toward reuniting the Anglosphere. But it could cause significantly closer relations among the Anglosphere nations.

How very strange.


I’ve never seen that, but I like it. Looked it up – attributed to John Robert Colombo, who tried to attribute it to Mark Twain, but the earliest sighting of it was in Colombo’s poem “A Said Poem”.

And we’re seeing it rhyme right before our eyes. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a limerick.


That is what I say!


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