Turkey's Erdogan announces three-month state of emergency


Turkey’s Erdogan announces three-month state of emergency reut.rs/29UC8Jd


I would cancel any vacation plans to Turkey at this point.


Yeah that’s pretty much a given… :frowning:


If I remember right Turkey was forced to make human rights reforms before it could be admitted to the EU, so what happens now that he seems to Erdogan seems to be heading towards dictatorship?
Can the EU expel a member?


They’re not a member yet. But if he brings back the death penalty alone that’ll be the end of their quest for admission. The EU doesn’t allow members to maintain the death penalty.


Is there a single country in the Middle East that hasn’t turned into a dumpster fire during the last 8 years?


Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, arguably Iran

Actually a good chunk of the Middle East hasn’t been a “dumpster fire.” Our media just focuses on the locations that are, namely Iraq, Syria, the Palestinian territories, and to a much lesser extent Yemen and Lebanon when it was having difficulties. And Iraq and to an extent Syria are a dumpster fire mainly due to American intervention since the beginning of the Iraq War 13 years ago.


Turkey is neither a member of the EU or a participant country within its single market through the EEA/EFTA.

It applied for membership of the bloc in the 1980s but has been stalled there in limbo ever since.

Now it has no chance of ever being admitted to the EU, thank goodness!


are any stories getting out about all the people being arrested and losing their jobs- what is their fate?

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