Turkish Officials Draw Attention to Islamophobia


ISTANBUL — The pope’s visit has become central to relations between Islam and Christianity.

Urging Western countries to act against Islamophobia, senior Turkish officials highlighted the need to increase efforts to halt the growing prejudice against Muslim communities living in the West.

In a press conference held in Ankara, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that the pope’s visit addressed both the Muslim and Christian worlds and increase hopes for peace between the two communities.

“Racism, discrimination and Islamophobia, unfortunately, are increasing. We are witnessing the increase of prejudice and intolerance against Muslims in Western countries,” Erdoğan said, adding that the pope’s visit will definitely have a positive impact on the Islamic world and break the prejudice in the Christian world.



Imaginably, “Islamphobia” in the west might be improved if the Turkish government returned Hagia Sophia to the Eastern Orthodox Church and shelved plans to turn it into a mosque.

And Islamphobia might not seem so justified if Turkey allowed a Christian seminary in Turkey…something it does not presently permit.

Well, then perhaps allowing someone other than an ethnic Turk to be the Patriarch of Constaninople might cause some softening of such attitudes. After all, most of those subject to his authority are Greeks, and the liturgical language is Greek.

Oh, and I suppose if the taxes paid by Christians (the few) in Turkey wasn’t used by the Turkish government to build mosques and madrassas, Islam might not seem like a “state religion”.

Does Erdogan really think we’re so gullible that we can’t recognize some basis for non-Muslims to fear Islam?


You make some very good points.


:thumbsup: I agree. And the headlines in the daily news over the past year has also made it difficult not to experience some level of Islamophobia.

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