Turning away from family


I converted to Catholicism about a year ago. The experience has been wonderful except for my family. They have even gone as far as calling my children from a previous marriage B####s.when I had that marriage annuled. My children are grown and we discussed what I was doing and they were fine with it. How do I maintain a good relationship with these family members that I see daily as I work in our family business? Does there come a point when I cut off contact with them entirely?


Reaching the point of cutting them off when you have to work there might not be feasible if you own part of the business. Now, if you own the whole business, and they work for you…

Is it certain ones who are harassing you, while others are not? Is there screaming and yelling, or is it presented as “fun” and “We’re just kidding” when it’s brought up (both can be bad)? How often does it come up? Do your adult kids work there as well?

There are all sorts of variables to this situation, so can you supply more info without going into too much depth, to protect the guilty as well as the innocent?


“burbs” my children do not work with me and I have tried to keep the ugliness away from them. My brother who is an Athiest is strongly against anything related to God or the church of any faith, Its amazing that he will fight for the rights of homosexuals and abused animals but if you believe in God hes determined to convince you your “crazy”. My father and mother are just anti-catholic for different reasons. We were raised Baptist but I never felt the love and peace in a Baptist church that I experience when I go to Mass. I guess I am coping by not sharing anything personal with them not even when my husband and I took our vows again in the church, it is special to us and the only way to keep it “pure” is to keep it private. My younger children 9 & 5 have just accecpted that my side of the family just doesnt attend functions at their school or church and it is very sad.


I’m sorry they’re treating you so badly. It must be very hard to have to listen to this diatribe.

Can you work someplace else?


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