Turning in the application today!


I’m taking the leap and turning in my application in today to go back to school. Please please please keep me in your prayers. I can’t afford to go to school on my own. I’ll have to have all of it paid for through finanical aid. If God wants me to go to school to be a teacher everything is going to work out. I’m trying to just give this all to Him…Its easier to say that than to acutally do that. I’m really trying though. If this is where I’m suppose to go in life He will provide!!

Do any of you know of any Catholic schlorships that are available??

Thanks for all the prayers!!



I am unfamiliar with types of scholarships…but…I WILL offer you my prayers! What are you studying? Sounds like fun! Good luck to you! :slight_smile:


Early childhood education. I want to teach pre-school, kindergarten or 1st grade. I want to teach the younger kids!! :slight_smile: I think its so amazing when they have that “I GET IT” moment! I would love to see that everyday for the rest of my life.


Wow that REALLY sounds like fun. I love kids. Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:


Congratulations and may God Bless your journey.

See the financial aid folks on campus and they can assist with any and all scholarships and financial aid available to you.

There is a website (google it) FASFA (free or federal application for student financial aid) and it asks questions to determine what kind of aid is available to you.

Try to stay away from the student loans if at all possible. I know in some cases they are necessary, but if you get grants and other scholarship opportunities - take those first. Use loans as a last resort. If you are going to be a teacher (great God Bless) - you don’t want to be a teacher in debt from day one.
good luck


Good luck with financing the education. It can be tricky. My cousin is in the process of sending two of her kids to school now.

I’ve never heard of anyone being able to finance the whole thing with financial aid. You are going to be expected to pay something. I wouldn’t take that as a sign that you shouldn’t go.

I have heard of programs for teachers that will pay off their student loans if they work in certain school districts after graduation. I am sorry that I don’t have the name of the programs but maybe you can ask at the college.


Congratulations on the decision. I remember the trepidation of returning to graduate school - especially the issues with family, work, and finances. But, in the end, it all worked out. Yes, I have some loans to pay off, but the school worked hard to find scholarship money and traineeships.

NCEA has scholarships available for teachers: ncea.org/finaid/index.asp

Some states also have grants and scholarships okhighered.org/student-center/financial-aid/grants.shtml


Try fastweb scholarships. Not sure of the site, but you can google it.

Good luck and have fun!


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