Turning the other cheek


Last Sunday, the gospel spoke of turning the other cheek, loving your enemies, etc. I tried to ask this question of a priest who had gotten his doctorate after Mass today. He kept asking me what the logical conclusion was. I’m still lost. Can someone help me know how “turning the other cheek” stops when Nazis are killing jews, or the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, or the muslims bomb innocent citizens. I know this sounds like a trite question, but is there a verse or Catholic axiom that explains that a line has to be drawn and the innocent need to be protected? Thank you. God bless you!


In our BOW session, we were told that turning the other cheek applies to personal wrongs done to you, as in your person, your pride, or your dignity. It doesn’t mean that you don’t defend yourself, and it doesn’t mean you turn a blind eye to moral evil.


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Turning the other cheek also means standing your ground.


I just heard this talked about today on an old episode of CAL


Listen at about the 10:30 mark

Dr. Ray talks about turning the other cheek.

He says that if you got hit on the right cheek you were being back handed. Which back then was the ultimate insult meaning you are a fool you are useless and worthless.

So when the Lord says give him the other cheek as well, what you are saying to that person is you are not going to devalue me. You will not be able to make me worthless no matter what you think. Basically, the Lord is saying people will act badly towards you but you do not have to swallow it and take it personally.

I didn’t finish listening to the entire show but it was about anger and emotions maybe something else he says in the show might help you with your question.

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