Turns out Time is very important in this world to high priests. To the tune of 30 K

Breguet or forget?

Breguet? I don’t even wear a watch anymore. My phone tells time for me, for a lot less than 30K.
Time has come today!

Some priests need more or want more.

You are correct, time has come today. Living today, each day would make things a lot different.
If you thought tomorrow was your last, each day…

Is your cryptic post a referrence to ordained clergy who live a seemingly affluent or opulent lifestyle? This can indeed be scandalous.

However, I have known a few priests who enjoy the finer things in life, mostly because they were brought up in wealthy families. They are able to easily connect with other wealthy folks, movers and shakers who then become great benefactors for the Church. It is a fact of life that the Church needs money for day to day operations, and we should not so easily dismiss the wealthy, even those relatively few priests who seem overly attached to the “good life”

It is a reference to Patriach Kiril of the ROC, who given his office should be spoken of with respect.

Thanks. I am not knowing the whole story, just intrigued by the odd title

I’m sure in the case of the Patriarch, the wristwatch was probably a gift, as I very much doubt he goes shopping for such things,

Why was this even posted? :shrug: I would not expect ECs to jump at a chance to be disrespectful of His Holiness, nor, from the deafening silence among us here, do we seem to be. Lord have mercy and protect Patriarch Kirill and the Russian Orthodox Church.

He needed a watch that shows the Julian time & date. That’s why it was so expensive.

Many of us here are on the Julian Calendar. I’m really unclear what the intent of this thread is. Is it meant to somehow joke about the Moscow Patriarchate, or of those of us who use the Julian Calendar? Seems a very peculiar way for those on the western calendar to spend Pascha…

Having a family that is half Russian Orthodox I found the point of the original post dubious

It was a joke about the fact the two calendars are incompatible. You easterners have no sense of humor.

Anyway, if the whole truth about the $30,000 watch ever does come out, I’ll bet it was all just a case of some nouveau-riche Russian mobster/businessman (if there’s a difference in post-Soviet Russia) donating the watch as a gift, which is something the fabulously-wealthy have been doing to religions since time immemorial. To not wear it would be an insult.

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Umm … am I barred?

It was locked. I don’t think anyone has been barred or banned. It upset a lot of people and could have been put in the non catholic forum. I was unaware of the protocol on this type of item for posting. I thought it would be an insult to put this in non catholic forum. I know better now.

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