TV: 1000 ways to die

Anyone else absolutely disgusted with this show, 1000 ways to die, I have seen my little sister watching it in her room, and our parents don’t know she watches it… it seems to me that all it does is make a mockery of a serious matter.

I like it.

Sometimes it is entertaining in a “what would happen to your body if you die by ______?” and certainly answers some questions that many may be afraid to ask.

I don’t think it makes a mockery at all. There are very real, very serious circumstances on the show that most people don’t think about at all (e.g., the “mad hatter” segment.) It’s also a very entertaining show - entertaining not because it makes light of serious subject, but because the ones who meet their maker are typically the irresponsible and immoral ones - thereby making it a morality play.

Me too. I like when they have the 1000 ways to die marathons.

I think it’s disgusting no matter whether it’s real or fictional. Sanctity and respect (of and for) life! :frowning:

Idk… maybe its just my big brother instinct.:shrug:

I don’t know of any guys who dislike the show. You would be the first. (Kidding… I think.) :shrug:

I don’t even like watching those shows that have people being videotaped being injured. And (while being a female) I actually have a great sense of humour.

Don’t let reality TV get to you like that. While it may be good for a quick laugh, it generally gets old for me quickley

What’s the big deal? It’s not like they are saying these people don’t have a soul or that they deserved to die. The show is just illustrating ways the human race can be idiotic. Or at least certain members.

This program reminds me of the joke …“What’s the last thing out of a hillbilly redneck’s mouth? HEY Y’ALL…WATCH THIS!!!”

I can only handle short snippets of this program…

I am amazed over and over as I “channel surf” and land on this program…how foolish and ignorant people are at times…I mean…as the saying goes…“you could have seen it coming from a mile away” on some of the stories…sad…but all too true…and the foolishness of people who waste their lives in such a manner…makes it even sadder.:sad_yes:

I enjoy it.

It certainly does not make a mockery of anything. It shows the result of stupid decisions people make.

I also enjoy the Forensics Files shows, the Dr. G, Medical Examiner shows, and the Weird ER shows. Mystery Diagnosis also ranks on my list. So do the Vegas Strip and Cops and Policewomen of “fill in the town”, Bait Car, and other police shows - watching the law enforcement get their perps is always entertaining to me.

Yeah I like dr. G too, she also presented a GREAT argument against Casey in the death of her daughter Caylee.

But about 1000 ways to die, like I said before, I guess I am just an overprotective brother… what can I say?:shrug:

To be fair, it’s not a show I would want to watch. But I’d watch it if there were nothing else on. And it’s certainly something I wouldn’t watch with my mother.

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