TV: 18 Kids and Counting

The thread about Jon & Kate made me wonder how many of you watch “18 Kids and Counting”? I’ll admit I’m fascinated by this family and how they manage with all their young ones. They all seem to get along so well and are so cooperative. Of course there might be some editing involved with this but they do seem to have a good family unit.
I was amazed when I heard that they’re expecting baby #19 when the last little one is only about 8 months old. I’m sure they’ll take it in stride, but have to wonder how Michelle copes with all the pregnancies and what kind of shape her body is in. By this I don’t mean whether she’s overweight but just how she’s affected by having had so many pregnancies. It must be exhausting!

I watch that show also. They are a beautiful family, but sometimes feel like sending Michelle some info on Billings so she could have SOME way to get a little break between kids. The physical problems from all of those pregnancies must be horrible to deal with (I know what 3 kids have done to me; I can’t imagine 19).

I love the show. :slight_smile:

Me, too :yup:

I don’t watch much TV, but I make sure that every Tuesday night I’m at home in my comfy chair waiting for the lates episode to air. I really enjoy watching the Duggars and their latest activities.

I was surprised to see that they tune in to watch the show. It must be weird to see yourself and your family on TV. They don’t seem to watch much TV other than that. And they’re pretty well insulated against worldly events. The boys didn’t know who Babe Ruth was!
Maybe this is a good thing. I get tired of hearing about Michael Jackson and Angelina Jolie.:o

Exactly! I don’t know what the spacing was for each of her kids, but it can’t have been very much time. Not enough to really recover. And night feedings for newborns is a really exhausting experience. I don’t think I was nearly as cheerful as she is every day when I had to be up three and four times a night. I was lucky to be able to string two sentences together! :rolleyes:

She apparently has trouble nursing. I read an article about it not long agao, but can’t find it now. I imagine with that as an issue, she may not do too much night nursing, hence her earlier return of fertility. She also says that her body likes being pregnant! lol

I know that there are some “full quiver” protestants that don’t believe in any birth spacing/control, even something natural like Billings. Not sure if the Duggars fall completely into that camp though–even with 19 kids.

She does have trouble nursing, but nurses at night too. She does eco. breastfeeding, but gets her fertility back at 6 weeks, no matter what she does.

From what I read in their book, they are just open to as many kids as God wants to bless them with. They don’t try for them, they just take them as they come. I know many Catholics that do the same thing, I don’t think it has anything to do with being protestant, just their faith that God will provide.

Yes-- I cannot imagine getting up with infants for 20 straight years!!! Maybe God gave her some good sleepers here and there so she wouldn’t keel over and die from the exhaustion. I know I was a zombie for an entire year with each of my kids (for 2 years with my youngest). I did NOT have good sleepers!!! Then add in the exhaustion of being pregnant, and I don’t know how she does it. I suppose her teenage daughters help her a lot.

It is my favorite show!:bounce:

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